Party Organizing Tips From A Pro

If you are planning the next family party, but have no experience hosting one you may be asking yourself why you volunteered your services. Not knowing where to start, or what to do can leave you in quite a pickle. Here are some simple, yet effective tips from an expert party planner.


You are going to have to keep things organized so you don’t pull out your hair. Making lists and writing notes down will make your job a lot easier. Don’t forget to send out the invitations so guests have something to look forward to and remember to actually come. With that round up some party favors so guests leave feeling appreciated. If you want to keep it fun, create a theme. You can make the invites and favors with the theme in mind.


Keep all food and decor simple. You can serve tasty, yet simple appetizers at your event that won’t keep you locked up in the kitchen. Even easier, you can get them premade at the store. No work at all! Keep table setting easy by just throwing on a nice tablecloth and simple centerpieces. You can offer a self-serve bar, along with a specialty concoction made from yours truly to impress your guests. Everybody gets to have the drink of their choice. Since the adults will be enjoying their favorite cocktail, you want to keep the kids entertained. Set up a fun and engaging table for them that displays crayons, paper, toys, or even movies. This will keep them from bugging their parents. If anything else, stay relaxed. You are the host and if you are calm, guests will feel more relaxed.


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Doe Deere – article recap

Doe Deere is the founder of the Lime Crime cosmetic company. The makeup company quickly achieved amazing success with their deeply pigmented line of makeup. As a child, growing up in Russia, Doe Deere had big dreams and big goals. Her first big dream was to be a musician in a New York rock band. Amazingly, the little girl from Russia achieved that dream. Still, fans are wondering about her landing in the makeup world. Deere states that sometimes those dreams change. Clearly, it is all about growing as a person and recognizing new opportunities. Here is more concerning Deere’s philosophy on achieving big dreams.

Achieving Big Dreams

After moving to America, Deere lived in New York for several years. She lived in Manhattan and Brooklyn. Today, Deere lives in Los Angeles with her husband, but she remembers the New York years very fondly. During the New York years, Deere played in a rock band with her current husband. Her husband is also her business partner. Deere has some very sage advice for young women. She believes that you should simply follow your dreams. Everyone is unique and has something special to give to the world. Once you find that unique talent, you are on your way to success and achieving your dreams.

Lime Crime’s Birth

Lime Crime is Doe Deere’s baby. She gave birth to the notion of Lime Crime out of sheer frustration at the lack of darkly pigmented makeup colors. Instead, the cosmetic lines were over saturated with beige, browns, and creamy colors. Deere wasn’t really feeling the natural look, which was very popular at that time. Deere loved bright colors, but she couldn’t find them in the stores. Consequently, Deere decided to start her own makeup line that specialized in bright colors.

About Doe Deere

Doe Deere believes that her makeup line provides a way for girls to wear makeup and just be themselves. It’s all about expression and freedom. Deere relates that people express themselves in a number of ways. For example, people express themselves in the way that they dress or the way that they wear their hair. Makeup is simply another form of self expression. Lime Crime has changed the way that women regard their makeup. Lime Crime has provided a way for the modern day woman to express herself or current mood with makeup. Truly, Lime Crime is also the perfect makeup for the woman with just a touch of the rebel in her.


Mikasa Ackerman, One Tough Female


Readers can’t help but love Mikasa from the start. She is such a tough girl who lost her parents at 9 years old, was adopted, and lost her adoptive parents just a year later. At least she gained a brother and best friend in the adoption. Eren Yeager is actually the reason she is still alive as well. The criminals that killed her parents kidnapped her being half Japanese and planned to sell her on the black market. It was like Eren had completely lost his mind, as he busted in and killed the two kidnappers in such a brutal, bloody, horrific scene. Makisa realized at that point that a person has to fight to survive in this life. This is probably why she is considered one of the best soldiers in the history of military.


After Eren’s death, Makisa realizes unless she fights, she can’t win. She feels completely suicidal as she is fighting a titan, but it’s like Eren comes back and says, “Keep fighting for my sake.”



Makisa and Eren were completely opposite. Mikasa seems cold and ruthless, she had to keep going because she owed it to Eren.


Mikasa rushed out to fight the titans on her own, not stopping to realize the danger. Out of nowhere, Eren jumped into site, Makisa knew that she had messed up. The coolest part of the Eren/Makisa relationship is that they complete each other. Her loyalty to him might be a little extreme, but it is lacking in so many people these days. Each person must be loyal to the other for a relationship to work.


Makisa proves that you can be anything you want with hard work.  Plus Attack on Titan is one of the best dark anime around.

Transform Your Finances With A Reliable Online Course Today

There are thousands of ways to transform your wealth with VTA Publications and you can join their online course with tuition assistance. Jim Hunt is a successful financial analyst and investor and CEO of VTA Publications with precise accuracy on how to manipulate the stock market. Hunt also offers this advice on his YouTube channel. In a recent Ideamensch article Hunt says, a lot of people fail to make sound financial decisions. He teaches you how to maximize your finances with real techniques that have been used by many popular Fortune 500 companies. You have the option of taking back your finances with advice offered through his distance learning course.

Hunt understands that we are in uncertain financial times that require an in depth review on the current economic market. He provides a weekly financial address that talks about the stock market and the current financial state for the current week. His YouTube channel is available for free and offered to anyone with an internet connection. Hunt makes actual trades with his own money and reports the outcome of those trades on his YouTube channel. He also encourages his viewers to ask questions and get real time advice on their trades and financial outlook.

Hunt was able to make his mum a millionaire in under ten trades. She is now a tax-free millionaire and Hunt says, this can be a reality for anyone using his distance learning course at Hunt believes that a lot of people fail to live out their dreams because they don’t surround themselves with positive people that can pioneer their dreams. Your naysayer’s will constantly be a negative voice in the back of your mind telling you that now is not the time. People that are already successful can give you advice on how to manage your money and become debt free.

VTA Publications gives their clients advice on how to take charge of their finances and do more than earn money. Build your wealth with a proven course that is offered through the creative expertise of Jim Hunt. Visit official VTA website for more details today.

Chris Jericho Takes On The Dark Side

Chris Jericho may have gotten his claim to fame through his WWE career, but now he is continuing to lay the foundation and build a unique product through his podcast network. PodcastOne is the parent and together they will soon release Beyond The Darkness which aims to bring news of the paranormal to the largest advertiser-supported podcast network in America. Jericho wants to maintain his spot as one of the premier broadcasters in a sea that is full of competition such as The Adam Corolla Show, The Steve Austin Show, The Big Podcast with Shaq, and so many more. PodcastOne has definitely been showing itself to be one of the heavy weights in the evolving game that is podcasts.


Dave Schrader is set to head the interviews and conversations, and he is in a great spot to do so based on his own experience with DarknessRadio and other similar ventures. For over 10 years he has delivered similar content to Minneapolis and surrounding areas by maintaining his spot on the Twin City’s top rated AM radio station. He has also done work in other medias which includes the co-authoring of a book called The Other Side (a teen’s guide to ghosting hunting and the paranormal) and contributing great content to the popular ParaMagazine.


The niche market is quite expansive already with past guests including Andrew Nichols who discussed witches and parapsychology. Bill Scott shared his time with a possessed girl and how the demons wrought havoc on his family as he sought to help. Matt Swayne brought information about haunted honky tonks to Schrader’s show. There is just such a wide variety of experiences out there that the content should be no problem for quite some time. Fans will be able to acquire the latest through, the PodcastOne app, and iTunes itself.


There is certainly a market for anyone interested in angels, demons, aliens, monsters, and the like, and Chris Jericho wants in on the action. This is just the next iteration in the podcast network which is expanding beyond wrestling and comedy in order to delight fans with more of the interesting material gathered into one spot. The United States Champion knows that fans of wrestling are often fans of the dark side, and the Jericho Network hopes to both entertain and scare fans in new ways. The new content will be delivered weekly with a Monday release date.

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