Party Organizing Tips From A Pro

If you are planning the next family party, but have no experience hosting one you may be asking yourself why you volunteered your services. Not knowing where to start, or what to do can leave you in quite a pickle. Here are some simple, yet effective tips from an expert party planner.


You are going to have to keep things organized so you don’t pull out your hair. Making lists and writing notes down will make your job a lot easier. Don’t forget to send out the invitations so guests have something to look forward to and remember to actually come. With that round up some party favors so guests leave feeling appreciated. If you want to keep it fun, create a theme. You can make the invites and favors with the theme in mind.


Keep all food and decor simple. You can serve tasty, yet simple appetizers at your event that won’t keep you locked up in the kitchen. Even easier, you can get them premade at the store. No work at all! Keep table setting easy by just throwing on a nice tablecloth and simple centerpieces. You can offer a self-serve bar, along with a specialty concoction made from yours truly to impress your guests. Everybody gets to have the drink of their choice. Since the adults will be enjoying their favorite cocktail, you want to keep the kids entertained. Set up a fun and engaging table for them that displays crayons, paper, toys, or even movies. This will keep them from bugging their parents. If anything else, stay relaxed. You are the host and if you are calm, guests will feel more relaxed.


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