Freely Express Yourself With Lime Crime

Doe Deere is also known as “Queen of Unicorns“, always rocking her pink or purple hair! She shares with the world her passion and her love for makeup as well as all of the colors of the rainbow. She does this with her own cosmetics line that is known as “Lime Crime”. Doe Deere shows everyone that no matter where they are at in life, they have the ability to make even their wildest dreams a reality!

Doe Deere’s life was started in Russia where she lived until she was 17. That is when she got up and moved to the United States. She spent the majority of her time in the U.S. in New York City and now is currently located in Los Angeles, on the complete other end of the country. Doe Deere has always known that she had an imaginative mind as well as an ambitious personality.

Doe Deere always dreamed that she one day would become a musician and when she moved to New York City, she fulfilled that dream. This career path is what helped teach her about marketing as well as having a career. Later, Doe Deere got into the makeup industry, which is where she is at today. Doe Deere feels as though she always was an entrepreneur at heart and she started her first business while still living in Russia at the young age of thirteen. She had a lot of fun selling temporary tattoos to her classmates in Russia!

Doe Deere has always had ambition and she showed that but her business endeavors. Her advice to others who are trying to pursue their dreams is to just follow their heart. Everyone has special qualities about them and if they are able to just focus on that and tune into that, then that is when they will be able to reach their fullest potential.

Doe Deere founded Lime Crime because when she started looking for bright and bold colors in her makeup, she couldn’t find them due to the makeup industry focusing more on natural beauty. That is why she started to create her bright and bold makeup. So many other girls and women felt the same as Doe Deere did and gravitated towards her bold makeup line. Lime Crime not only gives Doe Deere the ability to freely express herself, but gives all other women in this world the same ability.

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George Soros Agrees Too Much Influence Is Allowed For Wealthy Donors In U.S. Politics

The major donor to the Democratic Party, George Soros, has been at the forefront of the relaxed laws for political donors that allow almost unlimited campaign donations to the party or candidate of their choice. Politico reports George Soros has taken advantage of these relaxed campaign funding rules to donate a combined total of more than $50 million to the Presidential election campaigns of John Kerry and Hillary Clinton, not counting the funding supplied to the campaigns of President Barrack Obama during the 2008 and 2012 campaigns Soros largely sat out due to some policy disagreements with the Obama Administration. As one of the main political donors to the campaigns of a number of liberal candidates and causes on the left of the political spectrum one would expect George Soros to be a major supporter of the Citizens United ruling that allows donors to write checks of any size to politicians, Super PAC’s, and major campaigning groups, but the Holocaust survivor takes a different view and supports moves to return U.S. politics to its earlier state where political donations were capped at federal level. Read his profile at Forbes.

The view of George Soros that political donations should be limited came around in the wake of the 2004 Presidential election where Soros had backed then Senator John Kerry in his bid to defeat President George W. Bush to the tune of $27 million. The loss of the election and the personal criticism aimed at Soros for backing his own political views allowed the legendary hedge fund manager to take a fresh look at how the changes in political funding had changed the U.S. political landscape, and created a view Soros did not like the look of; following the 2008 election campaign the Hungarian born financial expert believes the influence he and his fellow donors have developed over the course of the 21st century should once again be limited. Read more on

Across the world George Soros has developed a reputation as one of the world’s most important protectors of democracy and basic human rights; Soros uses his Open Society Foundations network of charities to educate individuals about the benefits of democracy and how best to work to break the stranglehold of a ruling tyrannical regime. In the U.S. the End Citizens United campaign group backs many of the candidates George Soros has identified as offering a political view similar to his own and has seen a major level of financial and vocal backing provided by the founder of Soros Fund Management. The grassroots nature of End Citizens United means financial donations are capped at $50,000, a figure provided for the group by George Soros as he has thrown his backing behind the campaign to limit his own political influence in the U.S. for the good of the nation.

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Securus Technologies – Helping Prevent Crime Efficiently Through The Use Of Technology

Securus Technologies is one of the most reputed and highly popular companies in the field of prison communication, crime prevention, public safety and criminal justice technology. The company develops and launches an average of one service every week and has over 600 patents to its name, which showcases the amount of time and money the company has invested over the years in the field of technology to improve its services and stay on top in its area of expertise.


One of the primary aims of the company is to help the inmates get in touch with their friends and families through the use of telecommunication services it provides. Staying away from friends and relatives is one of the biggest problems that the prisoners face, and while the punishment has to be served, the technology provided by Securus helps in reducing the stress of the people in prison.


It does not only help in crime prevention but also helps in the personality development of the inmates, who are already going through the troubled phase of their lives. The new video visitation services offered by Securus Technologies also makes it much easier for the inmates to stay in touch with their friends and families, and even see them live. The relatives of the prisoners can also visit their member in prison more often through this technology.


I have been using the services of Securus Technologies for the last couple of years as a law enforcement officer, and I cannot agree more with the comments and feedback of other customers mentioned in one of the press releases recently published online. The products and services help the officers to catch the culprits quickly and also facilitates getting the evidence, which is essential to help convict the offender in the court of law. The investigation is done much more smoothly with the aid of call records and other information made available through the services offered by Securus Technologies.


Tammy Mazzocco Taking Real Estate Agency to Next Level

Tammy Mazzocco is an accomplished realtor based in central Ohio. She has succeed in her career by doing little things that most professionals tend to ignore. Tammy starts her day by meditation and exercise. She has also learned the art of prioritizing; immediately she settles in her office, Tammy handles important tasks before she moves to address less involving duties.

Tammy Mazzocco has built her career in real estate over many years. She began her career journey at The Edwards Realty Company serving as the secretary. While working for this commercial real estate firm, Tammy was privileged to worker under Mike Zelnik, a skilled commercial realtor who greatly helped Tammy to chart her career in real estate. She later advanced to Scotland Yard where she spent seven years honing her skills in condominium management. Ken Cook, founder of Cook Realty and general manager of Scotland Yard, motivated Tammy to acquire a real estate agent license. Ken also played a pivotal role in exposing her to many aspects of real estate management. After her long stay at Scotland Yard, Tammy shifted to T&R Properties to serve as the multi-site property manager. She was charged with the responsibility of managing office warehouse complex and apartment complexes. In 1998, she acquired another license to work as personal assistant for RE/MAX producer. Here, Tammy got a rare opportunity to work with Joe, a renowned real estate agent and developer. The experience she gained from working with Joe gave her confidence to become a full-time real estate manager. In 2000, she moved to Pickerington, Ohio to take up a role at Judy Gang & Associates, a position that she holds up to date. Her tasks involve selling residential houses in over four counties. Read more:

Tammy Mazzocco has embraced unique habits that have propelled her success in entrepreneurship. In one of her interviews, she affirms that goal setting is what makes her more productive. She breaks down the goal into small actionable steps that are easier to achieve. She also advises that people should not fear failure and emphasizes that businesses should treat their clients as investments.

Earlier in her career, Tammy faced difficulties in discussing other people’s financial matters. However, she managed to overcome this challenge by learning from other real estate agents. Tammy brings her business ideas into fruition through brainstorming, research and drafts a business plan to test the viability of the ideas. Apart from having immense interest in real estate, she is also interested in health, sales and entrepreneurship.

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EOS Lip Balm Excels!

Sparking crazy competition where there never was before, the Evolution Of Smooth company that took on the world singlehandedly with its initial design of EOS Lip Balms has made a magic name for themselves through the years. Today there’s not a celebrity alive who doesn’t flaunt their little rain drop shaped lip balms with a flick of their wrist and a clever smile that’s contagious to say the least thanks to the supple lips that seem to never crack or splinter thanks to the beauty of the ingenious pastel orbs. Craig Dubitsky is the designer of these precious pastel eggs filled with luxurious lip balms that are designed to make women everywhere feel a little more relaxed throughout their days and he is getting all the deserved attention in the world thanks to his phenomenal design that is somewhat borrowed from the idea of lip gloss tanks and buckets that were previously sold in stores like Walmart and Target amongst other snazzy stores of the time. Utilizing the same basic idea of creating a new, fatter, fuller shape that wouldn’t get so easily lost in the bags of the female population, Craig Dubitsky created EOS Lip Balm to be a higher evolved version of the buckets by literally raising the stakes through molding the lip balms to create more of a domed shape instead of the flat level of goop that one would have previously had to unhygienic dip their pinky finger in to before desperately trying to even smear the weird subject matter across their lips and then be left with one sticky, glittery pinky finger the rest of the day which was left perfectly complete with the heaping helping of glop that would be permanently stuck under one’s fingernail for the rest of the day. EOS Lip Balm was different from the get go. With unique flavors like Honeysuckle Honeydew, the refreshing twist and snap that ended with an audible click and the soft shell pastel colored plastic that always feels cool, smooth, and light in the hands of the buyer, EOS Lip Balm excels!

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Shopping In Myeongdong With Kim Dao and Sunny

Kim Dao does a lot of traveling. Although most of her videos take place in Japan, beauty YouTuber Kim Dao also loves to vlog from various other destinations in Asia and Oceania. In one of Kim Dao’s more recent videos, she takes viewers on a tour of the famous Myeongdong shopping district in South Korea. This video, entitled “Shopping in Myeongdong | KimDao in Korea,” was posted on Kim Dao’s vlog channel.


After a short intro, Kim Dao walks down the streets of Myeongdong with her friend Sunny. They eventually decide to eat lunch at a cute hot pot restaurant.


Once they’ve finished eating, Kim Dao and Sunny walk around Myeongdong some more and explore a wide variety of stores. As they are walking around, Kim Dao says that Myeongdong reminds her of the Harajuku district of Tokyo.


The first store Kim Dao takes her viewers into is a Forever 21. They are surprised that everything is on sale, especially Christmas items. Sunny decides to buy an “ugly Christmas” sweater marked down to 7,000 ₩.


As they walk through Myeongdong, they see a bunch of street food vendors come out. But a few moments later the vlog abruptly cuts to Kim Dao back at her home. She admits this was kind of a “fail” vlog because she doesn’t have any more footage from Myeongdong. Kim Dao said she didn’t feel very well and decided to go home for a nap shortly after her vlog session. She believes the Korean air, which is more polluted than the air in Japan, is the main reason she feels sick. To close out the video on a positive note, Kim Dao shares all of the purchases she made at the Myeongdong shops.