Freely Express Yourself With Lime Crime

Doe Deere is also known as “Queen of Unicorns“, always rocking her pink or purple hair! She shares with the world her passion and her love for makeup as well as all of the colors of the rainbow. She does this with her own cosmetics line that is known as “Lime Crime”. Doe Deere shows everyone that no matter where they are at in life, they have the ability to make even their wildest dreams a reality!

Doe Deere’s life was started in Russia where she lived until she was 17. That is when she got up and moved to the United States. She spent the majority of her time in the U.S. in New York City and now is currently located in Los Angeles, on the complete other end of the country. Doe Deere has always known that she had an imaginative mind as well as an ambitious personality.

Doe Deere always dreamed that she one day would become a musician and when she moved to New York City, she fulfilled that dream. This career path is what helped teach her about marketing as well as having a career. Later, Doe Deere got into the makeup industry, which is where she is at today. Doe Deere feels as though she always was an entrepreneur at heart and she started her first business while still living in Russia at the young age of thirteen. She had a lot of fun selling temporary tattoos to her classmates in Russia!

Doe Deere has always had ambition and she showed that but her business endeavors. Her advice to others who are trying to pursue their dreams is to just follow their heart. Everyone has special qualities about them and if they are able to just focus on that and tune into that, then that is when they will be able to reach their fullest potential.

Doe Deere founded Lime Crime because when she started looking for bright and bold colors in her makeup, she couldn’t find them due to the makeup industry focusing more on natural beauty. That is why she started to create her bright and bold makeup. So many other girls and women felt the same as Doe Deere did and gravitated towards her bold makeup line. Lime Crime not only gives Doe Deere the ability to freely express herself, but gives all other women in this world the same ability.

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