Mike Baur Taking the Banking Industry by Storm

Mike Baur is the co-founder and CEO of Swiss Start Up Factory. He boasts of an executive MBA earned from the University of Berne and an MBA from a New York-based University of Rochester. Mike’s journey began when he joined the Swiss Private banking sector as a commercial apprentice and worked there for twenty years. He plodded his way up until he became an executive board member, although later he quit. At the age of 39 in 2014, his entrepreneurial journey began. He, alongside his two partners (Oliver Walzer and Max Meister), came together and founded the Swiss Start Up Factory.

This factory has gone on to become the leading privately financed and independent company. The Swiss Start Up Factory is a Swedish company whose sole purpose was to provide younger startup companies with the right environments that would help them thrive and realize their full potential. Mike has been instrumental in ensuring this company runs all flawlessly.

Mike Baur’s Inputs

His passion for helping startup companies has seen people develop their enterprises. He extends his kindness to the point of funding some of their initiatives. His exemplary leadership skills have enabled the Swiss Start Up Factory to create lasting mergers. A good example would be how he assisted the Swedish company to come together and combine forces with the CT invest. Mike has also helped the company join forces with Fusion in an attempt to support startups.

Mike Baur, in an effort to help the youth, has managed to garner the support several premier universities. He grants these universities a freeway to the resources that are fundamental for students who want to create startups. He has also managed to provide a team of investors that offer support and sustenance by investing and taking part in the growth of startups. Baur is a strong believer of the fact that youths should strive to avoid laziness. He, therefore, takes his time to conduct seminars where he provides young people with the knowledge of navigating even the most stressful situations in a corporate setting.

Essentials Concerning Mike’s Family

Family comes as an inevitably significant thing for everyone. You need someone to labor hard for, if not mentor closely. The feeling could not get better than when taking time with people who share in your blood. For that reason, Mike spends much of his time bonding with his family. Mike is an assiduous father and an entrepreneurial teacher to his children. His children would not have asked for a better father figure.

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