Mark McKenna’s Success in the Medical Aesthetics Industry

Mark McKenna is an accomplished real estate entrepreneur and healthcare professional. He developed an interest in the field of medicine at a young age. He studied medicine at Tulane University Medical School. Mark is licensed to practice medicine and surgery in Florida and Georgia. He started practicing medicine after he got his license and a short while later, he launched a real estate firm, McKenna Venture Investments. He also launched Uptown Title, Inc. and Universal Mortgage Lending, which provided various real estate services such as financing and design.

Mark faced a number of challenges in his entrepreneurial ventures, not the least of which being the havoc caused by Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans where he had several business interests. However, this did not deter him one bit. He helped rebuild New Orleans before relocating to Atlanta, Georgia in 2007.

Mark McKenna developed an interest in the medical aesthetics industry and decided to launch a medical practice known as ShapeMed whose main focus was wellness and aesthetic medicine. The company performed exceptionally well, and this made Mark realize there were a lot of opportunities to explore in the medical aesthetics industry. In 2014, ShapeMed was acquired by Lifetime Fitness Incorporated. Mark worked at the company until 2016, and in 2017, he founded OVME, a medical company that has really disrupted the medical aesthetics industry. He is currently the CEO of the company. Dr. Mark McKenna is an authority in the medical aesthetics field and has been featured on various shows such as Doctorpreneur.


Mark McKenna has had an interesting career, shifting from medicine to real estate and back to medicine but this time with revolutionary ideas. He loves to meditate as this helps him visualize his goals. Mark has a wife and a daughter and he makes sure he spends some quality time with them every day. He is also an avid reader, and according to him, this has helped a lot in his entrepreneurial journey. Some of the people he looks up to and who have really influenced his thinking are Barrack Obama, Michael Bloomberg and Elon Musk. His passion for aesthetic medicine is what has made OVME such a huge success.

Dr. David Samadi: Live On Fox News

Dr. David B. Samadi is the Chairman of Urology and Chief of Robotic Surgery at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City. A board certified urologist, Samadi specializes in the diagnosing and treatment of urological diseases, and cancers of the prostate, kidney and bladder. He will take his knowledge and talent on the air as part of the live “Sunday Housecall” show on Fox News, starting this past September.

Also available on Twitter, Facebook, Youtube live and, the show brings together guests from the world of health to talk with Dr. Samadi. The goal is simple: provide the public with answers to common medical questions and issues, as well as provide advice to help people lead healthier and better lives. Topics include general men’s and women’s health, exercise and diet, sexual and mental health, and common diseases.

Samadi is aiming to keep the show to the same high standard he sets for himself. Guests must have submitted peer-reviewed work or published work, ensuring only the most knowledgeable and factual guests and information. In an era in which medical advice can often be convoluted or hindered by pseudo-science, Samadi wishes to make sure that only the most accurate and relevant stories, advice and tips make it to the live screen. The live format allows questions and calls direct from the viewers regarding the topics being discussed. He hopes that this will provide an array of medical information for viewers to use in their lives.

Dr. David B. Samadi grew up in Iran, fleeing in 1979 during the Iranian Revolution. He spent time studying in the United States, Belgium and England. His work and experience earned him a scholarship to Stony Brook University in New York, where he earned both his bachelor’s and medical degrees. After graduation, Samadi continued his education via fellowships as he worked, especially in the fields of proctology and oncology before focusing on urology. He also has been a proponent of technology such as the use of robotics in surgery to help with minimizing invasive procedures.

A prior contributor to Fox News as a medical correspondent, Dr. David B. Samadi enjoys diversifying his medical experience, while still remaining an expert in his field of urology, focusing on early detection and treatment of urological cancers. With over 7,000 surgeries to his credit, Samadi has made good on his childhood ambition to help people, and with his new show, he wishes to broaden that help to the public at large.


Freedom Debt Relief Reviews: The Process of Living a Debt Free Life

For many, the excitement of accessing multiple credit cards often results in entrapping oneself in a chain of debt. From the Freedom Debt Relief reviews, clients reveal their experiences in such situations. Anne Marie describes her life before Freedom Debt Relief as limited, volatile, and mismanagement. Given her minimal financial education, Anne applied for credit cards at every chance she had.

She based her numerous applications on the assumption that it is safe to subscribe for credit cards as long as it is possible to make minimum payments. In the long run, she realized she had accumulated so much debt that was beyond her control. Determined to remedy her situation, Anne Marie reached out to the Freedom Debt Relief.

During the initial stages, Freedom Debt Relief reviews show that representatives gave her a detailed information on the processes involved. The representative allowed her to raise questions and issues and made her feel comfortable addressing the problem at hand. After assessing the situation, the company designed a customized program to help Anne’s clear her debt as soon as possible.

The Freedom Debt Relief reviews show that their program could be helpful and straightforward. A customer can monitor the progress of the debt payment through the online platforms and contacts with the customer care representative.

Freedom Debt Relief took on the role of dealing with the creditors. The company directly contacted the creditors to negotiate the debts and payment periods. As such, Anne Marie focused on the other aspects of her life and received notifications from the customer care agents at Freedom Debt Relief. The company also allowed her to manage account information online remotely.

After Freedom Debt Relief, Anne Marie became more cognizant of her spending and money management skills. She learned how to prioritize her spending needs and savings. Currently, Anne’s life is flexible and organized. Money no longer controls her life.

SahmAdrangi Raises $100 Million To Short And Expose A Company

SahmAdrangi, an investor known for shorting company stocks and taking the case public, has again raised $100 million for a new fund at Kerrisdale Capital Management. Kerrisdale has managed to convince its investors to raise funds for the new “co-investment” fund that will be used to bet against a single stock at a company that is yet to be revealed. Their target company is worth more than $10 billion. They intend to bring in more investors in a campaign that will see SahmAdrangi and his team share information via reports, video, and website. While most fund managers raise funds for a specific investment, Kerrisadale plans to use the money to short a stock. Kerrisdale’s main hedge fund, which bets for and against company stocks, has generated an average annual return of around 28 percent for the past five years.

Sahm is the founding CEO of Kerrisdale Capital Management. Since its inception in 2009, Sahm has actively participated in the management of the company, growing it from $1 million to $150 million as of July 2017. Besides his expertise in short selling, Mr. Adrangi publishes research-related information where he shares his opinions on different stocks in the exchange market. Kerrisdale’s research seeks to correct the market misconceptions of certain company’s business prospects. The company then publishes the research on their website, social media or third-party investment sites. Recently, Adrangi’s research focused on the firm’s performance on certain sectors. For instance, Kerrisdale has targeted the biotechnology, the mining sector and the telecommunication industry.

Sahm has also partnered with several companies to undertake different investment projects. In 2013, he worked with Lindsay Corporation in the optimization of the company’s capital allocation policies and cash deployment. Adrangi began working in the field of credit by rendering his services for Deutsche Bank and Longacre Management. He has delivered his speech in various conferences. In addition, he has been featured on top business channels like Bloomberg and CNBC. The shrewd investor is an alumnus of Yale University. His career highlight includes shorting and exposing fraudulent Chinese companies in 2010 and 2011, where some of them became targets of SEC’s law enforcement.


Why You Should Vincent Parascandola and AXA Advisors as Your Financial Adviser

Vincent Parascandola is the senior executive vice president of AXA, an international insurance firm. Vincent Parascandola has been the senior executive vice president of the company since 2014. AXA has occasionally been mentioned as the second largest financial services company in the world. Its headquarters are in Paris, France. AXA has its branches in Europe, North America, Asia, Africa and the Middle East. The firm has been in operation since 1816. The company offers financial advice to families and organizations. For more details visit RocketReach.

Vincent Parascandola has been the CEO of AXA since October 2014. He represents AXA in New York. He graduated from Lubin School of Business at Pace University with a bachelor’s degree in science in computer science. He is affiliated with Xavierian High School where he was a student. Holding such a prominent position at AXA can only be eligible to a person who has the highest skills of financial management and motivation.

Vincent Parascandola is a certified financial manager. He often engages with high-profile clients on financial management and asset management. His work as the senior executive vice president also involves recruiting and training new employees at AXA.

Vincent Parascandola’s Responsibilities at AXA

Vincent Parascandola has been trusted with the responsibility of monitoring the sales and the productivity of AXA to ensure that the company increases its profits. He has a vast experience in financial management having practiced for over 25 years. He has held other executive posts at AXA such as chief sales officer at the Continental Division where he oversaw sales and recruitments at AXA branches in the United States. Parascandola also held the presidential post at the Continental Division. You can visit his Vimeo to know more.

Vincent Parascandola is a hard working individual who puts all his dedication in his work. He has often been invited to be a keynote speaker in institutions. Vincent is involved in the recruitment of senior officers at AXA as he can give them the right pointers toward being a successful financial consultant at AXA. His participation in the growth of AXA has earned him a lot of recognition and respect from his colleagues and other corporate executives across the globe.

Jeremy Goldstein Provides Insight on Stock Options

Jeremy Goldstein is an associate and a founding partner of Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates. This is a law firm that offers advice to corporations, business executives and CEOs on matters of compensation programs and corporate governance. Most of the issues occur after instances of mergers or acquisitions.


Jeremy Goldstein has written extensively on the issue of stock options being given by corporation as a form of compensation to their employees. Jeremy noted that there reason both in support and against such a move. Let us look at some of the reasons that show stock option as an unreliable means of workers compensation.


Employees usually avoid stock options as a means of compensation since they tend to fluctuate in value. In case that the stock options lose their value, they will be no longer be of any benefit to them. It is for these reasons that some employees opt out and take a salary increment instead.


However, on the contrary, there is one benefit that is related to stock options. Stock options are quite clear to employees on how they work. This makes it simpler for the company to implement it. Since the value of shares and that of the stock options are directly related, it, therefore, becomes clear to the employees that they must work hard to ensure that the share value increase since it will translate to a better compensation for them.


According to Jeremy Goldstein, the best form of stock options to invest in is the knockout option. The knockout option works on the basis of; if the share value of a firm drops below a specified level, the stock options of the employees will expire. This means that every employee will work hard to retain their stock options. In such a scenario executive compensation will be low and the shareholders are the ones who will benefit.


Jeremy Goldstein has a lot of experience working in the corporate sector. He has more than 15 years’ experience. He holds a bachelor’s degree from the Cornell University. He then went to the University of Chicago to do his masters. In 1999, he graduated with a doctorate in law from the University of New York.


Jeremy Goldstein has worked on many cases involving mergers and acquisitions at the Wachtell, Lipton Rosen & Katz. Here, he worked in some of the biggest corporate transactions at the time.


Apart from his corporate life, Jeremy Goldstein, in a philanthropist. He has contributed a lot to the attainment of charitable causes.


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Why Cybersecurity is So Important From Someone Who Found Out the hard Way!

I was constantly hearing that my personal cyber security was important and that I should be taking every precaution to help prevent myself from being hacked. I knew about the viruses that were out there, the issues that plagued a lot of the big chain stores with credit card theft. But, in a world of billions of people, I wouldn’t be a target. I didn’t make very many purchases online, I surfed sites I knew were safe. The hackers were not interested in me. This was my attitude until it finally happened to me.


I thought I had taken all the precautions to keep myself safe but when I got a notice that my credit card, that currently had a $235 balance on it was now at over $3,000 I knew I had to take action. Cyberattacks are on the rise and personal cyber security is more important than ever today. I thought I was going to easily catch a site that was phishing for my information but the hackers seem to get smarter and smarter and adapt and come up with new creative ways all the time to get out personal information.


I did end up getting my charges reversed but it has given me a new respect when it comes to taking care of my personal cyber security. I found a company called Rubica. They have helped keep me safe since I started using them. I also found out that there are threats far worse than what happened to me. Identities can be stolen, priceless information on your hard drive can be stolen and lock you out of your own system and held for ransom.


Rubica has a full-service cyber ops team that works continuously on the web to monitor and help keep your personal cyber security safe. There is actually human intelligence at work with Rubica (NYTimes). They have a staff of top security cyber experts that have worked with organizations like NSA, Us Navy, Scottland Yard and more to protect you against cyber criminals.


You don’t have to understand or keep up-to-date on the latest hacks and threats happening now. Rubica takes care of that for you. The best part is that it only takes one app, no confusing manuals with impossible-to-understand directions. Just download, install and you are done. Check out Rubica today and help put your mind at ease.

Amicus Therapeutics, Caring for Their Patients and Employees

Amicus Therapeutics is a New Jersey-based biotechnological company that focuses on developing therapies to treat orphan and rare diseases. While pharmaceutical groups around the world are producing medication and treatments that few can afford, Amicus Therapeutics makes it a point to keep all of their developments affordable, for the people who really need them. And even though their corporate headquarters is located in New Jersey, they have locations in England, the Netherlands, Italy, Germany, and France, making their treatments available worldwide.

The goals that Amicus Therapeutics strive continually towards are part of what sets them apart from other companies that say they are trying to do the same thing. They fight to be on the forefront of discoveries that will change the lives of their patients. They never stop at “good enough”, but push for the best possible solution, making obsolete what everyone thought was the only option (YourBeautyCraze).


Amicus Therapeutics not only puts in every available effort to make life better for their patients but also invests in their future by building long-term value for their stakeholders. They find the perfect balance between a business setting and a scientific community, making sure that neither part is neglected or placed on a higher pedestal than the other. This way, the therapies that sufferers of these rare and orphan diseases are wholly dependent on will never suddenly disappear because of a lack of monetary backing or economic support.


Another of the many reasons that Amicus Therapeutics can put every ounce of their effort into improving the lives of others, is their dedication to the fair treatment of everyone on their team ( They can make these life-changing discoveries because they respect the accomplishments and opinions of each individual. Each person they employ can not only expect fair and respectful treatment for themselves but also their families. This creates a positive outlook that means every employee truly cares about the work they are doing, without being looked down upon. Because Amicus Therapeutics cares for their patients, their employees, and every single person involved in the process of changing lives for the better.


Osteo Relief Institute’s Commitment towards Supporting Arthritis Treatment

Osteo Relief Institute is an arthritis clinic whose principal aim is to help patients avoid surgery by offering safe and efficient treatments. Arthritis is a joint disease, where a patient suffers from joint pains. There are more than 100 types of arthritis, and more than 50 million adults in the United States suffer from one of them. This condition commonly affects women and happens as one advance in age.


About Osteoarthritis


Osteoarthritis is also known as the degenerative joint disease. The main characteristic of this disease is that bones rub against bone causing pain, swelling, and stiffness ( Osteoarthritis is incurable and therefore, requires several ways to minimize its effects. The risk factors for this condition include excess weight, family history, age and previous injury. The self-management techniques include a daily routine, exercise, and medical treatments. For instance, one needs to adjust their position frequently when working, quit smoking, choose activities that build the muscles around the joints and seeking medical help.


About Osteo Relief Institute


Osteo Relief Institute is located in New Jersey. The Institute has been providing residents of New Jersey with effective ways of controlling arthritis symptoms for some years. The clinic believes that all patients deserve good care that goes beyond simply treating the symptoms that are present.


The Institute goes above and beyond for taking the initiative to treat every patient as if they were family. Osteo Relief Institute also prides themselves in non-invasive treatment options. This should be available to people living with arthritis everywhere.


Most of the people living with arthritis prefer to avoid surgery if at all possible. In that concern, Osteo Relief Institute medical professionals focus on technologically advanced treatment options that are both effective and non-invasive. The practice continues with the available research to provide superior treatment options to their patients.

Why Osteo Relief Institute Is Unique


Osteo Relief Institute is unique compared to other providers. It has a team of professionals to take care of the patients when it comes to patient care and communication. They have a state of the art equipment to offer an edge when it comes to giving long-lasting pain relief solutions to their patients. Osteo Relief Institute principal aim is to help patients avoid surgery by offering safe and efficient treatments (Contact).


The Experience and Success Story of Eli Gershkovitch

The fame of Eli Gershkovitch is behind his capability to stand out as one of the Canadian businesspersons. Eli Gershkovitch also serves as the Chief Executive Officer and the founder of Steamworks Brewery and Companies. Additionally, he is a professional lawyer as well as a pilot. His date of birth is 14th July 1975.


From the recognition as one of the leading contenders for the Open Beer Championship, Eli Gershkovitch contributed a lot to the great acknowledgment of the Canadian craft beer (VancouverFoodster). It is remarkable that he has been consistent with cooking up the original brews in the neighborhoods of the historic Gastown from the year 1995. It was at this point that craft beer was no closer to the priority of the people preference.


Despite the fact that the current taverns compose of young, and hip millennials throughout in the search for the brew that is not only independent but also new, the case was different during the mid-90s.


It is worth acknowledging the fact that mega-breweries such as Budweiser and Coors dominated then and that the casual imbibers would rarely sample whatever exceeded Guinness regarding its exotic nature.


At the time, the craft beer underwent a gradual process of gaining shape in the rest of the sections throughout the globe. It is worth acknowledging the fact that Eli Gershkovitch is the one who noted ( Having been on the field for long, he had initially visited Europe to observe the shifting landscape about drinking.

In Germany’s Heidelberg, he visited his first microbrewery as well as the mixture that had a distinct flavor from the ones that were familiar because of their availability within Canada. Despite the fact he never left aside his licit aspirations to pursue brewing, he gained a lot of experiences throughout his stay in Europe. The experience finally helped him emerge as one of the most influential as well as pioneering brewmasters of Canada.


The leadership of the brewery is under Eli Gershkovitch who is not only a brewmaster but also an innovator with the objective of bringing about revolution throughout the Canadian beer.