The Success Story of Securus Technologies

A private institution, Securus Technologies provides technology and communication solutions to many correctional facilities across the United States. The company has had its operations in the inmate communications industry for a long time and has managed to become the leader in the industry. Rick Smith serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Securus Technologies and has managed to steer the technology company to achieve lots of growth and success. He is described as one of the world’s most successful technology experts and is responsible for ensuring that the company’s strategic goals are achieved. When it comes to providing high-quality services to all inmates who are in correctional facilities, Securus Technology has managed to emerge as the leader.

Securus Technologies has its main offices situates in Dallas and has several regional offices. Currently, Securus has over one million clients who normally give good reviews regarding the services offered by the company. The company is known for its affordable services and this has enabled it to stay on the top of the industry when compared to its competitors. Securus Technologies has committed itself to offering affordable communication among inmates and their families. The company normally comes with a new technology solution every week according to the CEO of the company, Rick Smith. Customer satisfaction is on the top of the priority list at Securus Technologies.

Customers have always come back and talked of how the technology solutions offered by Securus Technologies have helped them when it comes to prevention and solving of crime. Majority of the customer testimonials come from jail officials who are responsible for overseeing all the inmates in a correctional facility. With the help of technology solutions from Securus, many crimes have been avoided and solved. Many corrupt officials have also been arrested with the help of the tracking tools innovated by Securus Technology.


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