Tony Petrello: Funding Relief

Hurricane Harvey hit Houston Texas in 2017 bring with it impressive and dense rainfall. Rivers were made in hours throughout the cityscape. Millions of homes were damaged beyond repair by the rising water. This catastrophe left millions of people homeless. In addition to losing everything that they owned the residents of Houston found themselves worrying about where their next meal would come from. That’s when Nabors Industries stepped in. The company saw the devastation and felt compelled to aid in the relief efforts any way that they could. Of all of Nabors Industries employees at least 10% were impacted personally by Hurricane Harvey. The company has a long-standing reputation for standing by their employees and communities and even when tested by mother nature they knew what needed to be done.

Nabors Industries took their personal company cafeteria and turned it into a community kitchen according to Three times a day this cafeteria would dish out hot meals for families in need. However, that didn’t seem like enough. The company also noticed that employees were taking time off to go help relief efforts. They were delighted to see the initiative their employees showed to support the community and wanted to encourage it. In support of this effort, the company decided to offer any employee pay for the time they took off to volunteer. Additionally, the employees at Nabors Industries showed their support for the victims by raising over $176,000 to help. Their CEO Tony Petrello was moved by this initiative and chose to match their donation amount personally.


Nabors Industry’s attitude towards supporting the community comes from their socially minded CEO. Petrello has donated millions to various causes over the years. For example, when a friend and former mentor of his passed away he started an award in his honor. This award began with a donation of $150,000 from Petrello but grew as other alumni rushed to contribute as well. This pride in education is also shown through his company as Nabors Industry’s personal charity has contributed millions to employees and their children to help with educational expenses. Petrello has also found himself interested in relieving neurological issues in children. After some research, he found one of the best hospitals in the country right in his backyard. Texas Children’s Hospital has been the beneficiary of a $7 million donation from Petrello which was critical to funding a new research center.


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