Malcolm CasSelle a Hardworking Man Who Transforms Every Firm He Works In

Malcolm’s Education

Malcolm CasSelle graduated from Massachusetts Institute of Technology with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and later went on to Stanford University for a Master’s degree. As an added advantage, he is fluent in Mandarin and Japanese.


His Extensive Career

In the year 1995, he co-founded NetNoir among the first websites focusing on the Afrocentric culture. It was the first company to be accepted from outside into the AOL Greenhouse Program. He serves as the Chief Technical Officer at NetNoir at the time. Malcolm worked as the senior vice president at Pacific Century Cyberworks where he also doubled up as the advisor to the CEO from 1998-2002. Cyberworks is a Hong Kong-based firm, a publicly traded telco service provider.


Malcolm also served in the position of director at Capital Union Investments in Hong Kong from 2006-2013. In this capacity, he supervises private direct investments into late-stage web firms. Malcolm was also an executive officer at Groupon’s Joint venture Tencent a gaming messaging company based in China.


He was named the CEO of Xfire in 2012. At the beginning of 2013, he served as the CEO of MediaPass, an online paywall solution. In the same year, he co-founded Timeline Labs where he served as the CEO. Timeline Labs is a social media tracking software firm. SeaChange International acquired Timeline Labs in 2014. Malcolm served as the General Manager and Senior Vice President after the acquisition. In the year 2016, he was named as the president of Tronc, a firm previously known as Tribune Publishing.

Worldwide Asset eXchange(WAX)

Malcolm CasSelle is the President of WAX from February 2016. WAX is a platform that is decentralized that allows one to operate a fully functioning virtual marketplace with no initial investment in infrastructure, payment processing or security. The firm serves over 400 million online players who buy and sell in-game items. Decentralization enables the company to solve the problem commonly experienced by persons willing to trade digital artifact such as the limited access to inventory and currency conversion fees. When such barriers are discarded, the size of the available items in the trading market will expand beyond the current $50 billion figure.


Tony Petrello: Funding Relief

Hurricane Harvey hit Houston Texas in 2017 bring with it impressive and dense rainfall. Rivers were made in hours throughout the cityscape. Millions of homes were damaged beyond repair by the rising water. This catastrophe left millions of people homeless. In addition to losing everything that they owned the residents of Houston found themselves worrying about where their next meal would come from. That’s when Nabors Industries stepped in. The company saw the devastation and felt compelled to aid in the relief efforts any way that they could. Of all of Nabors Industries employees at least 10% were impacted personally by Hurricane Harvey. The company has a long-standing reputation for standing by their employees and communities and even when tested by mother nature they knew what needed to be done.

Nabors Industries took their personal company cafeteria and turned it into a community kitchen according to Three times a day this cafeteria would dish out hot meals for families in need. However, that didn’t seem like enough. The company also noticed that employees were taking time off to go help relief efforts. They were delighted to see the initiative their employees showed to support the community and wanted to encourage it. In support of this effort, the company decided to offer any employee pay for the time they took off to volunteer. Additionally, the employees at Nabors Industries showed their support for the victims by raising over $176,000 to help. Their CEO Tony Petrello was moved by this initiative and chose to match their donation amount personally.


Nabors Industry’s attitude towards supporting the community comes from their socially minded CEO. Petrello has donated millions to various causes over the years. For example, when a friend and former mentor of his passed away he started an award in his honor. This award began with a donation of $150,000 from Petrello but grew as other alumni rushed to contribute as well. This pride in education is also shown through his company as Nabors Industry’s personal charity has contributed millions to employees and their children to help with educational expenses. Petrello has also found himself interested in relieving neurological issues in children. After some research, he found one of the best hospitals in the country right in his backyard. Texas Children’s Hospital has been the beneficiary of a $7 million donation from Petrello which was critical to funding a new research center.


The Experience and Success Story of Eli Gershkovitch

The fame of Eli Gershkovitch is behind his capability to stand out as one of the Canadian businesspersons. Eli Gershkovitch also serves as the Chief Executive Officer and the founder of Steamworks Brewery and Companies. Additionally, he is a professional lawyer as well as a pilot. His date of birth is 14th July 1975.


From the recognition as one of the leading contenders for the Open Beer Championship, Eli Gershkovitch contributed a lot to the great acknowledgment of the Canadian craft beer (VancouverFoodster). It is remarkable that he has been consistent with cooking up the original brews in the neighborhoods of the historic Gastown from the year 1995. It was at this point that craft beer was no closer to the priority of the people preference.


Despite the fact that the current taverns compose of young, and hip millennials throughout in the search for the brew that is not only independent but also new, the case was different during the mid-90s.


It is worth acknowledging the fact that mega-breweries such as Budweiser and Coors dominated then and that the casual imbibers would rarely sample whatever exceeded Guinness regarding its exotic nature.


At the time, the craft beer underwent a gradual process of gaining shape in the rest of the sections throughout the globe. It is worth acknowledging the fact that Eli Gershkovitch is the one who noted ( Having been on the field for long, he had initially visited Europe to observe the shifting landscape about drinking.

In Germany’s Heidelberg, he visited his first microbrewery as well as the mixture that had a distinct flavor from the ones that were familiar because of their availability within Canada. Despite the fact he never left aside his licit aspirations to pursue brewing, he gained a lot of experiences throughout his stay in Europe. The experience finally helped him emerge as one of the most influential as well as pioneering brewmasters of Canada.


The leadership of the brewery is under Eli Gershkovitch who is not only a brewmaster but also an innovator with the objective of bringing about revolution throughout the Canadian beer.


Freely Express Yourself With Lime Crime

Doe Deere is also known as “Queen of Unicorns“, always rocking her pink or purple hair! She shares with the world her passion and her love for makeup as well as all of the colors of the rainbow. She does this with her own cosmetics line that is known as “Lime Crime”. Doe Deere shows everyone that no matter where they are at in life, they have the ability to make even their wildest dreams a reality!

Doe Deere’s life was started in Russia where she lived until she was 17. That is when she got up and moved to the United States. She spent the majority of her time in the U.S. in New York City and now is currently located in Los Angeles, on the complete other end of the country. Doe Deere has always known that she had an imaginative mind as well as an ambitious personality.

Doe Deere always dreamed that she one day would become a musician and when she moved to New York City, she fulfilled that dream. This career path is what helped teach her about marketing as well as having a career. Later, Doe Deere got into the makeup industry, which is where she is at today. Doe Deere feels as though she always was an entrepreneur at heart and she started her first business while still living in Russia at the young age of thirteen. She had a lot of fun selling temporary tattoos to her classmates in Russia!

Doe Deere has always had ambition and she showed that but her business endeavors. Her advice to others who are trying to pursue their dreams is to just follow their heart. Everyone has special qualities about them and if they are able to just focus on that and tune into that, then that is when they will be able to reach their fullest potential.

Doe Deere founded Lime Crime because when she started looking for bright and bold colors in her makeup, she couldn’t find them due to the makeup industry focusing more on natural beauty. That is why she started to create her bright and bold makeup. So many other girls and women felt the same as Doe Deere did and gravitated towards her bold makeup line. Lime Crime not only gives Doe Deere the ability to freely express herself, but gives all other women in this world the same ability.

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Tammy Mazzocco Taking Real Estate Agency to Next Level

Tammy Mazzocco is an accomplished realtor based in central Ohio. She has succeed in her career by doing little things that most professionals tend to ignore. Tammy starts her day by meditation and exercise. She has also learned the art of prioritizing; immediately she settles in her office, Tammy handles important tasks before she moves to address less involving duties.

Tammy Mazzocco has built her career in real estate over many years. She began her career journey at The Edwards Realty Company serving as the secretary. While working for this commercial real estate firm, Tammy was privileged to worker under Mike Zelnik, a skilled commercial realtor who greatly helped Tammy to chart her career in real estate. She later advanced to Scotland Yard where she spent seven years honing her skills in condominium management. Ken Cook, founder of Cook Realty and general manager of Scotland Yard, motivated Tammy to acquire a real estate agent license. Ken also played a pivotal role in exposing her to many aspects of real estate management. After her long stay at Scotland Yard, Tammy shifted to T&R Properties to serve as the multi-site property manager. She was charged with the responsibility of managing office warehouse complex and apartment complexes. In 1998, she acquired another license to work as personal assistant for RE/MAX producer. Here, Tammy got a rare opportunity to work with Joe, a renowned real estate agent and developer. The experience she gained from working with Joe gave her confidence to become a full-time real estate manager. In 2000, she moved to Pickerington, Ohio to take up a role at Judy Gang & Associates, a position that she holds up to date. Her tasks involve selling residential houses in over four counties. Read more:

Tammy Mazzocco has embraced unique habits that have propelled her success in entrepreneurship. In one of her interviews, she affirms that goal setting is what makes her more productive. She breaks down the goal into small actionable steps that are easier to achieve. She also advises that people should not fear failure and emphasizes that businesses should treat their clients as investments.

Earlier in her career, Tammy faced difficulties in discussing other people’s financial matters. However, she managed to overcome this challenge by learning from other real estate agents. Tammy brings her business ideas into fruition through brainstorming, research and drafts a business plan to test the viability of the ideas. Apart from having immense interest in real estate, she is also interested in health, sales and entrepreneurship.

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Doe Deere – article recap

Doe Deere is the founder of the Lime Crime cosmetic company. The makeup company quickly achieved amazing success with their deeply pigmented line of makeup. As a child, growing up in Russia, Doe Deere had big dreams and big goals. Her first big dream was to be a musician in a New York rock band. Amazingly, the little girl from Russia achieved that dream. Still, fans are wondering about her landing in the makeup world. Deere states that sometimes those dreams change. Clearly, it is all about growing as a person and recognizing new opportunities. Here is more concerning Deere’s philosophy on achieving big dreams.

Achieving Big Dreams

After moving to America, Deere lived in New York for several years. She lived in Manhattan and Brooklyn. Today, Deere lives in Los Angeles with her husband, but she remembers the New York years very fondly. During the New York years, Deere played in a rock band with her current husband. Her husband is also her business partner. Deere has some very sage advice for young women. She believes that you should simply follow your dreams. Everyone is unique and has something special to give to the world. Once you find that unique talent, you are on your way to success and achieving your dreams.

Lime Crime’s Birth

Lime Crime is Doe Deere’s baby. She gave birth to the notion of Lime Crime out of sheer frustration at the lack of darkly pigmented makeup colors. Instead, the cosmetic lines were over saturated with beige, browns, and creamy colors. Deere wasn’t really feeling the natural look, which was very popular at that time. Deere loved bright colors, but she couldn’t find them in the stores. Consequently, Deere decided to start her own makeup line that specialized in bright colors.

About Doe Deere

Doe Deere believes that her makeup line provides a way for girls to wear makeup and just be themselves. It’s all about expression and freedom. Deere relates that people express themselves in a number of ways. For example, people express themselves in the way that they dress or the way that they wear their hair. Makeup is simply another form of self expression. Lime Crime has changed the way that women regard their makeup. Lime Crime has provided a way for the modern day woman to express herself or current mood with makeup. Truly, Lime Crime is also the perfect makeup for the woman with just a touch of the rebel in her.