Why Cybersecurity is So Important From Someone Who Found Out the hard Way!

I was constantly hearing that my personal cyber security was important and that I should be taking every precaution to help prevent myself from being hacked. I knew about the viruses that were out there, the issues that plagued a lot of the big chain stores with credit card theft. But, in a world of billions of people, I wouldn’t be a target. I didn’t make very many purchases online, I surfed sites I knew were safe. The hackers were not interested in me. This was my attitude until it finally happened to me.


I thought I had taken all the precautions to keep myself safe but when I got a notice that my credit card, that currently had a $235 balance on it was now at over $3,000 I knew I had to take action. Cyberattacks are on the rise and personal cyber security is more important than ever today. I thought I was going to easily catch a site that was phishing for my information but the hackers seem to get smarter and smarter and adapt and come up with new creative ways all the time to get out personal information.


I did end up getting my charges reversed but it has given me a new respect when it comes to taking care of my personal cyber security. I found a company called Rubica. They have helped keep me safe since I started using them. I also found out that there are threats far worse than what happened to me. Identities can be stolen, priceless information on your hard drive can be stolen and lock you out of your own system and held for ransom.


Rubica has a full-service cyber ops team that works continuously on the web to monitor and help keep your personal cyber security safe. There is actually human intelligence at work with Rubica (NYTimes). They have a staff of top security cyber experts that have worked with organizations like NSA, Us Navy, Scottland Yard and more to protect you against cyber criminals.


You don’t have to understand or keep up-to-date on the latest hacks and threats happening now. Rubica takes care of that for you. The best part is that it only takes one app, no confusing manuals with impossible-to-understand directions. Just download, install and you are done. Check out Rubica today and help put your mind at ease.