Mikhail Biagoskionny are The Editors-In-Chief of Oncotarget

Nowadays, there are a lot of developments in the area of medical research. New treatments and medications are discovered every day. However, new breakthroughs in medicine would have little impact if the news isn’t shared with the public. Oncotarget makes it easy for scientists and researchers to publish their findings in a free access journal where the information is readily available for use. Oncotarget is a peer-reviewed journal that was initially released on a weekly basis but due to the increased demand, quality of the medical information and importance of the information, the Journal is now published twice in a week.


The Oncotarget medical journal was established in 2010, and it is free access. Oncotarget publishes crucial milestones made in the field of medicine, especially in oncology. The journal has however diversified its publications to include other fields such as immunology, cardiology, aging, amongst others. Oncotarget comprises of experts in different areas who review publications in their fields. Mikhail Biagoskionny and Andry Gudkov are the editors-in-chief. These experts ensure that information published on oncotarget is credible and well researched. They also ensure that the posted information adds value to the medical field.

Oncotarget is increasingly becoming popular as days pass by. The journal was recently awarded an impact factor of 5.168 for their ability to provide accurate, constructive and insightful research papers. The research papers can be accessed online or availed in print version upon request.

Oncotarget’s main aim is to provide scientific results to as many people as possible with a fast turnaround. The experts offer insightful reviews which have maximized the impact of research. Oncotarget medical journal bridges the gap between medical specialties and shares breakthroughs in the medical field as soon as they appear. It has offered a platform where researchers from different parts of the globe can publish their scientific work without a lot of hurdles.

Besides publishing scientific research on oncology, they also release papers on aging, endocrinology, pathology papers, immunology, and many more. This has enhanced the amount of research done on medicine, and it has also enabled scientists in other specialties other than oncology to share their breakthroughs. Oncotarget has immensely improved the level of medical research and breakthroughs in the field.