Mikasa Ackerman, One Tough Female


Readers can’t help but love Mikasa from the start. She is such a tough girl who lost her parents at 9 years old, was adopted, and lost her adoptive parents just a year later. At least she gained a brother and best friend in the adoption. Eren Yeager is actually the reason she is still alive as well. The criminals that killed her parents kidnapped her being half Japanese and planned to sell her on the black market. It was like Eren had completely lost his mind, as he busted in and killed the two kidnappers in such a brutal, bloody, horrific scene. Makisa realized at that point that a person has to fight to survive in this life. This is probably why she is considered one of the best soldiers in the history of military.


After Eren’s death, Makisa realizes unless she fights, she can’t win. She feels completely suicidal as she is fighting a titan, but it’s like Eren comes back and says, “Keep fighting for my sake.”



Makisa and Eren were completely opposite. Mikasa seems cold and ruthless, she had to keep going because she owed it to Eren.


Mikasa rushed out to fight the titans on her own, not stopping to realize the danger. Out of nowhere, Eren jumped into site, Makisa knew that she had messed up. The coolest part of the Eren/Makisa relationship is that they complete each other. Her loyalty to him might be a little extreme, but it is lacking in so many people these days. Each person must be loyal to the other for a relationship to work.


Makisa proves that you can be anything you want with hard work.  Plus Attack on Titan is one of the best dark anime around.