Sussex Healthcare Has New CEO; Amanda Morgan-Taylor

Sussex Healthcare has appointed a new CEO starting 2018. Amanda Morgan-Taylor is the new Chief Executive Officer. Amanda is coming to this organization with huge experience in the health industry to help the organization expand its operations and reach more people in the country. Even before she was announced, she was already studying the company to familiarize herself with the status of the organization she was joining. For a whole month, she was studying what was happening in the organization to know where she should start once she started his duties officially. When she was appointed officially, she recommended the creation of a new position for Director of Quality, Compliance and Service Improvement. This is a position that will deal with ensuring the company is giving nothing but the best services to their clients.

Amanda Morgan has been in the service industry in the last 30 years. She has helped other organizations in the country overcome challenges they were facing in management. Her main role has been to restore the face of the organization and bring back the confidence of the stakeholders in the organization. His role in this organization is expected to bring various changes that will make the company offer better services to its clients. Amanda has been in the service industry since 1984 when she became mental health nurse. His experience will be good for the organization as it comes at an appropriate time when the services of a skilled and creative manager are needed. Working together with the management, she hopes to make Sussex Healthcare a world class healthcare firm.

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Amanda Morgan-Taylor has worked with independent caregivers in the past and is familiar with the running of such organizations. Her time in this organization is expected to help the company deal with challenges in a better way than they have done previously. Through his appointment, Sussex healthcare will offer better services to their clients. Her first duty after joining office was to visit all the facilities owned by the company. Amanda met the clients and their family members to get their side of the story regarding the value of service they get from the company.

Sussex healthcare is committed to offering better service to the elderly, mentally challenged and physically challenged people. They have state of the art facilities to assist these categories of people to deal with the various conditions they are battling. There are gym services which help the elderly deal with the physical therapy among many other conditions. Employees are well trained and well experienced to do their corresponding duties.


Jason Hope: A Giving Man

This article will discuss Entrepreneur Jason Hope, and what he contributes to anti-aging research. One foundation Hope has greatly contributed to was the Sens Research Foundation. This organization stands for “Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence”. This organization is a non-profit one which is formed on support of scientists, researchers, individuals, and famous philanthropist as well.

Hope has a big reason for donating to causes like anti-aging. He explained that different diseases like heart and lung diseases and Alzheimer’s are affecting for the worse. It’s affecting every function in the human body. It seems that the traditional medicines are concerned with treating the diseases after they occur. What Jason Hope wants to do is focus on how to prevent them from ever occurring again.

Jason Hope has contributed greatly to that such organization. For example, in 2010 he gave the SENS foundation $500,000. This donated amount was donated for a research program. This program targeted to break down end products and advanced glycation in human tissue. Also, Hope had donated money to equip and build a laboratory for SENS in Cambridge.

Hope had taken part in the yearly “Rejuvenation Biotechnology Conference”. This convention had taken place in Santa Clara on August 21 to 23 at the Santa Clara Hyatt Regency Hotel. The main issue at hand in this convention was “Emerging Regenerative Medicine Solutions for the Diseases of Aging”. Jason Hope has been a great contributor in this conference. He has made several donations there particularly for the Sens Foundation, as mentioned before.

Now some general information about the life of Jason Hope. Hope lives in Scottsdale, Arizona. He is many things. He’s a philanthropist, investor, entrepreneur, and futurist as well. Hope earned his degree in finance at Arizona State University. He also received an MBA from the college called the W.P Carey School of Business.

Hope has also formed a company that deals with mobile communications. With that experience, he focuses now on investing in startups, biotechnology, and philanthropy. Hope also helps the more younger community as well. For example, he creates grant programs meant for entrepreneurs, he also mentors high school students as well. Hope has spent a large part of his life doing philanthropic deeds. Hope also has a great interest in politics. Politics particularly related to business nationally as well as in state of Arizona.

Amicus Therapeutics, Caring for Their Patients and Employees

Amicus Therapeutics is a New Jersey-based biotechnological company that focuses on developing therapies to treat orphan and rare diseases. While pharmaceutical groups around the world are producing medication and treatments that few can afford, Amicus Therapeutics makes it a point to keep all of their developments affordable, for the people who really need them. And even though their corporate headquarters is located in New Jersey, they have locations in England, the Netherlands, Italy, Germany, and France, making their treatments available worldwide.

The goals that Amicus Therapeutics strive continually towards are part of what sets them apart from other companies that say they are trying to do the same thing. They fight to be on the forefront of discoveries that will change the lives of their patients. They never stop at “good enough”, but push for the best possible solution, making obsolete what everyone thought was the only option (YourBeautyCraze).


Amicus Therapeutics not only puts in every available effort to make life better for their patients but also invests in their future by building long-term value for their stakeholders. They find the perfect balance between a business setting and a scientific community, making sure that neither part is neglected or placed on a higher pedestal than the other. This way, the therapies that sufferers of these rare and orphan diseases are wholly dependent on will never suddenly disappear because of a lack of monetary backing or economic support.


Another of the many reasons that Amicus Therapeutics can put every ounce of their effort into improving the lives of others, is their dedication to the fair treatment of everyone on their team ( They can make these life-changing discoveries because they respect the accomplishments and opinions of each individual. Each person they employ can not only expect fair and respectful treatment for themselves but also their families. This creates a positive outlook that means every employee truly cares about the work they are doing, without being looked down upon. Because Amicus Therapeutics cares for their patients, their employees, and every single person involved in the process of changing lives for the better.