Dr. Sameer Jejurikar, Compassion & Skill

There are a great number of things that one must always bear in mind whenever considering undergoing a cosmetic surgery procedure, whether it is an aesthetic choice or a needed procedure to repair damage. Many of us tend to just see the butt lifts and breast augmentation side of plastic surgery and tend to forget that a large portion of this field of medicine involves a great deal of reconstructive surgery as well.


Make sure that you shop around and take a good look at potential surgeons, travelling to a highly skilled and qualified surgeon may be the best choice. There are a great number of risks that can come along with cosmetic surgery.


One of the most talented surgeons is Dr. Sam Jejurikar, serving the Dallas, Texas area as well as participating in many foreign missions that bring aid to other countries, particularly noteworthy is his annual work with the organization, Smile Bangladesh, and their efforts to bring medical care to impoverished children there.


Dr. Sam attended the University of Michigan Medical School and discovered an intense passion for plastic surgery and went on to complete his Plastic Surgery Residency with the University of Michigan Hospitals and Medical Centers.


One of the things that makes Dr. Sam truly stand out is his kindness and compassion paired with his attention to detail allows him to get a very accurate idea of what his patients want with their procedures.


In fact, Dr. Sam is one of about 3% of the nearly 900,000 physicians in the nation that has been awarded with the very prestigious award, the Compassionate Doctor Certificate, awarded to him for both his technical skill as well as his bedside manner with his patients.


Dr. Sam is always keeping himself up to date with innovations and techniques within his field as well as using the most modern and advanced equipment, ensuring both the best results as well as the highest level of patient safety.


Dr. Mark Holterman highlights the requirements for volunteering in Vietnam

Dr. Mark Holterman is one of the renowned figures in the medical arena. He is an accomplished medical practitioner, researcher, and educator. Dr. Mark Holterman works as a professor at the University of Illinois and also as the CEO of Mariam Global Health. Dr. Mark Holterman has dedicated his life to helping medical students and patients in various ways.


Dr. Mark Holterman supports various charitable organizations such as the IPSAC-VN. IPSAC-VN is a charity comprising of Pediatric Specialists who offer medical support to underprivileged children in Vietnam. Vietnam primarily relies on the support of volunteers and donors who help to improve access to pediatric surgical care, in particular among the disadvantaged children.

Dr. Mark Holterman is an active participant of the IPSAC-VN charitable cause. As a volunteer, Dr. Mark Holterman offer the most needed hands-on support by providing patient care, lecturing, training, and surgery at affiliated hospitals and medical schools in Vietnam. Volunteers willing to participate in the IPSAC-VN must acquire a visa and passport with a validity period of at least six months after the date of the trip. Additionally, volunteers involved in the IPSAC-VN must provide copies of their license and CV.


Once the application is accepted, the volunteers are then required to purchase travel medical insurance which covers them for the period they are away from home (Twitter). The volunteers participating in the IPSAC-VN charitable cause are advised at least two days before the date they are scheduled to begin volunteering. Travelling a few days before helps the volunteers to familiarize with the culture and people. The volunteers are expected to take care of their travel, accommodation, food, and other expenses while in Vietnam.


About Dr. Mark Holterman

Dr. Mark Holterman has studied regenerative medicine and practiced pediatric surgery for a couple of years. Mark Holterman spends a lot of his time conducting medical research on various areas. He is also a professor at the University of Illinois where he teaches surgery.


Besides, Dr. Mark Holterman provides pediatric care to surgical patients at St. Francis Medical Center. Mark Holterman, MD, has earned several accolades that include the coveted Innovative Research Award which was awarded by the American Diabetes Association.

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