Chris Jericho Takes On The Dark Side

Chris Jericho may have gotten his claim to fame through his WWE career, but now he is continuing to lay the foundation and build a unique product through his podcast network. PodcastOne is the parent and together they will soon release Beyond The Darkness which aims to bring news of the paranormal to the largest advertiser-supported podcast network in America. Jericho wants to maintain his spot as one of the premier broadcasters in a sea that is full of competition such as The Adam Corolla Show, The Steve Austin Show, The Big Podcast with Shaq, and so many more. PodcastOne has definitely been showing itself to be one of the heavy weights in the evolving game that is podcasts.


Dave Schrader is set to head the interviews and conversations, and he is in a great spot to do so based on his own experience with DarknessRadio and other similar ventures. For over 10 years he has delivered similar content to Minneapolis and surrounding areas by maintaining his spot on the Twin City’s top rated AM radio station. He has also done work in other medias which includes the co-authoring of a book called The Other Side (a teen’s guide to ghosting hunting and the paranormal) and contributing great content to the popular ParaMagazine.


The niche market is quite expansive already with past guests including Andrew Nichols who discussed witches and parapsychology. Bill Scott shared his time with a possessed girl and how the demons wrought havoc on his family as he sought to help. Matt Swayne brought information about haunted honky tonks to Schrader’s show. There is just such a wide variety of experiences out there that the content should be no problem for quite some time. Fans will be able to acquire the latest through, the PodcastOne app, and iTunes itself.


There is certainly a market for anyone interested in angels, demons, aliens, monsters, and the like, and Chris Jericho wants in on the action. This is just the next iteration in the podcast network which is expanding beyond wrestling and comedy in order to delight fans with more of the interesting material gathered into one spot. The United States Champion knows that fans of wrestling are often fans of the dark side, and the Jericho Network hopes to both entertain and scare fans in new ways. The new content will be delivered weekly with a Monday release date.

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