Securus Technologies Advanced Technology for the Competitive Correctional Sphere

Securus Technologies has pioneered the correctional technology over the years and ensured that the communities become safer with time using the high-end and advanced investigative and criminal justice technology. Without the use of advanced technology, it is impossible these days to subdue the criminals and their extensive networks, which also rely on technology in many ways to hide from the law enforcement agencies. Securus Technologies has been investing in millions to ensure that the technology it develops and supplies are not unique, but also highly efficient. Securus Technologies has for long been in the correctional sector and feels that it can do some with modernization finally.


Securus Technologies has developed a wide variety of correctional technologies, starting from for inmates to the law enforcement officers and the general safety and security of the prisons. The company holds over seventy patents and has been investing heavily in acquiring more licenses. It is what would help Securus Technologies get an edge over the competition.


Securus Technologies has been the number one provider of the correctional products and services, and the company continues to build new technologies for the correctional facilities. Recently, Securus Technologies made the drone detection technology that would ensure that the drones used by the criminals to transport items inside the prison would become useless. The drones would be detected before they enter the prison premise so that the correctional officers can take the drone down. The drones are used illegally to transport items inside the prison, and it could prove to be dangerous for the correctional officers as well as the inmate. However, with the drone detection technology installed, the correctional officers can be sure that the drones won’t be able to make it inside the prison.


The drone detection technology has been used for many years now in many different correctional facilities to transport the weapon, drugs, and contraband phones. It needed to stop, and Securus Technologies knew it well. It is why, the company has invested millions in developing this technology, which it believes would soon be adopted by thousands of correctional facilities across the country. The correctional facilities have also appreciated the wireless containment system by Securus Technologies, and many correctional institutions have already started using it. It is proving to be highly useful in keeping the contraband phones away from the prison.


Securus Technologies is a firm that focuses on customer service as well along with developing highly advanced products and services for the correctional sphere. Securus Technologies has won three Gold Stevie Awards in 2018 that speaks for itself about the company’s commitment to providing quality services to the customers. Securus Technologies continues to invest millions into researching and developing a wide array of products and services for the corrections space.



Securus Technologies uses high tech means to interdict contraband cell phones

Throughout the U.S. prison system, one of the most serious threats to institutional safety is that posed by illicit cellular devices. The entire purpose of prison is to keep dangerous criminals from being able to interact with the outside world, thus preventing the group most likely to commit violent offenses from ever having the opportunity to do so.


However, the U.S. prison system is populated with a large number of highly organized gangs. These gangs are sophisticated, with military-like hierarchies and highly disciplined members. They often have leadership of considerable intelligence and require their members to be well versed in tactical theoreticians ranging from Sun Tzu to Von Clausewitz. In short, these gangs are serious threats that operate as paramilitary organizations.


The problem arises because these prison gangs are so well organized that merely locking up their individual members in not enough to ensure that they are neutralized as a threat. Many prison gangs, such as the Mexican Mafia and Aryan Brotherhood, have active members on the outside. A good number of these outside members, also known as soldiers, have done prison time themselves for serious offenses. In effect, this means that such gangs are only contained to the extent that they cannot communicate with their members on the outside of prison.



Gang hits are usually facilitated by contraband cell phones


Over the last decade, the number of gang hits ordered by leaders, also known as shot-callers, on the inside has skyrocketed. These hits are almost always ordered by gang members who are able to make use of illicit cellular devices within the prison. Cell phones that are not authorized by the prison are so dangerous because they give these ruthless gangs the ability to communicate, unencumbered, with members on the outside, who are often then ordered to commit serious crimes ranging from high-level drug trafficking to hits on witnesses, guards and rival gang members.



Securus can shut down the contraband cell phone pipeline


But a new tool has come on the scene that may be the answer prison guards and administrators across the nation have been looking for regarding the scourge of illicit cell phones. With its Wireless Containment System, Securus is able to claim a nearly 100 percent detection and interdiction rate of all illegal cell phones within an institution where it is deployed. This has not only enabled guards to radically increase the number of illegal cell phones that they detect and confiscate, it also means that no unauthorized cellular call can be placed from within the prison. Should an inmate try to make an outgoing call on on unauthorized device, they receive a message that the call is unable to be completed.


The Success Story of Securus Technologies

A private institution, Securus Technologies provides technology and communication solutions to many correctional facilities across the United States. The company has had its operations in the inmate communications industry for a long time and has managed to become the leader in the industry. Rick Smith serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Securus Technologies and has managed to steer the technology company to achieve lots of growth and success. He is described as one of the world’s most successful technology experts and is responsible for ensuring that the company’s strategic goals are achieved. When it comes to providing high-quality services to all inmates who are in correctional facilities, Securus Technology has managed to emerge as the leader.

Securus Technologies has its main offices situates in Dallas and has several regional offices. Currently, Securus has over one million clients who normally give good reviews regarding the services offered by the company. The company is known for its affordable services and this has enabled it to stay on the top of the industry when compared to its competitors. Securus Technologies has committed itself to offering affordable communication among inmates and their families. The company normally comes with a new technology solution every week according to the CEO of the company, Rick Smith. Customer satisfaction is on the top of the priority list at Securus Technologies.

Customers have always come back and talked of how the technology solutions offered by Securus Technologies have helped them when it comes to prevention and solving of crime. Majority of the customer testimonials come from jail officials who are responsible for overseeing all the inmates in a correctional facility. With the help of technology solutions from Securus, many crimes have been avoided and solved. Many corrupt officials have also been arrested with the help of the tracking tools innovated by Securus Technology.


Securus Technologies – Helping Prevent Crime Efficiently Through The Use Of Technology

Securus Technologies is one of the most reputed and highly popular companies in the field of prison communication, crime prevention, public safety and criminal justice technology. The company develops and launches an average of one service every week and has over 600 patents to its name, which showcases the amount of time and money the company has invested over the years in the field of technology to improve its services and stay on top in its area of expertise.


One of the primary aims of the company is to help the inmates get in touch with their friends and families through the use of telecommunication services it provides. Staying away from friends and relatives is one of the biggest problems that the prisoners face, and while the punishment has to be served, the technology provided by Securus helps in reducing the stress of the people in prison.


It does not only help in crime prevention but also helps in the personality development of the inmates, who are already going through the troubled phase of their lives. The new video visitation services offered by Securus Technologies also makes it much easier for the inmates to stay in touch with their friends and families, and even see them live. The relatives of the prisoners can also visit their member in prison more often through this technology.


I have been using the services of Securus Technologies for the last couple of years as a law enforcement officer, and I cannot agree more with the comments and feedback of other customers mentioned in one of the press releases recently published online. The products and services help the officers to catch the culprits quickly and also facilitates getting the evidence, which is essential to help convict the offender in the court of law. The investigation is done much more smoothly with the aid of call records and other information made available through the services offered by Securus Technologies.


GTL strives to Tarnish Securus Technologies name Without Success

Securus Technologies has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas. The company has been providing quality and cutting edge technology solutions to many correction facilities. The departments of civil and criminal justice have benefited from the company’s services. However, I find that not everyone is happy with Securus Technologies. GTL is an example of a company that has striven to tarnish the name of Securus Technologies without success. GTL came out in a recent press release and released false information against Securus Technologies. However, Securus CEO came out and refuted all those claims. He added that the company had been committed to providing the best technologies for many years now.

Richard Smith is the company CEO of Securus Technologies. He came out in a recent press release to refute claims by GTL. He started by pointing out that Securus wants to win in the technology game. Unlike GTL, the company doesn’t to win through unfair means. He likened GTL as a team that scores a goal and celebrates like they have won. Securus stated that regarding information made available by GTL stating that Securus had infringed its rights. However, facts and data show that Securus had made no such allegations. Securus is ahead of GTL as far as prison communication and technology is concerned.

Securus Technology stated that the company had filed patents because it contains leading developers in technology. He noted that since the company begun, it has spent more than $800 million building products and other similar software. The relevant patent boards have approved the company. That has ensured that disputes cannot come up that infringe the company’s rights. GTL, however, doesn’t have adequate patents. Securus Technologies noted that GTL made false claims against the company. The CEO of Securus stated that the company had not infringed GTL’s rights. GTL doesn’t have any evidence to support their claims.

Securus is on a Roll (Receiving Back-to-Back) While Gaining Contract Ideas

Securus Technology continues to serve the community, as a leading provider of civil and criminal justice technology solutions. Today, Securus monitors environments, as well as sells monitoring products to agencies. In relation, there is still much to debate over… How can business partners save money? And how can this business enhance your society? During, during the early part of 2011, Securus Technology took charge as a sophisticated customer service center with 24-hour services. Now, the metrics have changed into a pyramid structure, and CEO leaders are already commenting bout the perks involving monitoring staff, saving time, and moving on the monetary concerns with the public. For example, according to Securus Technologies, Securus is on a roll (receiving back-to-back) while gaining contract ideas. Additionally, technology solutions are getting adequately funded for the future.


Here are example products from Securus:


  1. Jail Management
  2. Systems/Process Automation – the development of handbooks; the law library; grievances; and creating medical appointments
  3. Video Visitation
  4. Interactive Voice Response – this system offers an automated information bank to facilitate inmates/friends/family members


For more information, please, visit the Securus Technologies website, and search for this particular topic: “Provides County Jail Facility Over $400,000 Per Year in Operating Savings.”


Altogether, Securus Technologies represent taking over as a telecommunications – security, consultant. Ensure to see further articles about their services and products. Securus Technologies is committed to serving and connect with industries, families, and diversified, government entities by the end of this decade. Their current motto entails providing information management, communication, investigation, and biometric analysis to make our world a safer place to live.


Securus Technologies Introduces Investigator Pro to Prevent Crimes

Securus Technologies is a very famous company in the United States. The company provides technology and communication solutions to correctional facilities in the country. The institution has its headquarters in Dallas and several offices in different parts of the country. Securus Technologies provides inmates with affordable and quality services.

The company has worked hard to introduce the latest technology in the correctional facilities to ensure that the country remains to be a safe place. The communication solutions offered by the company ensure that the inmates communicate with their loved ones effectively.


Just recently, the institution announced that it was releasing JLG Technologies’ newest Investigator Pro 4.0 that comes with a searchable voice. According to the company, the new software will allow investigators to select a voice sample from the inmates or the called parties in the prisoner’s telephone call then use the selected sample to search for other calls where the voice will be heard.


According to the Chief Operating Officer at JLG Technologies, Michael Kester, the new software will be very helpful to investigators, especially in uncovering high interest, gang related and any other nefarious activities that happen by just identifying the voices. The Investigator Pro will also help the investigators to identify any other inmates who might have called the suspected voice. According to Michael, the new invention will be a great way to stop any crimes before they even take place.


The new searchable voice feature uses the latest technology, and it makes it possible for the authorities to follow an individual’s voice, PIN, and telephone numbers. Authorities will be able to tell why the inmates were talking to the called party, if any inmates are talking to one of the recently released inmates or whether the individual being called was once incarcerated. It will be easy to reduce crimes in the country using this technology.