Glen Wakeman – Experienced Investor And Founder of LaunchPad Holdings

Following a successful career in the finance industry for more than 20 years, Glen Wakeman is currently the CEO of LH (LaunchPad Holdings), a company that he established in 2015. Mr. Glen was an alumnus of Scranton University, from where he completed his Bachelor of Science in Economics and Finance. He also earned his MBA from Chicago University in 1993.

During his long career life, Glen Wakeman was known as an entrepreneur and mentor who has revolutionized many businesses that have more than 17000 employees and fifteen billion dollars in assets. Most of the businesses that he revolutionized experienced success and development. His work also involved guidance about the new market entry, exponential growth, divestitures, M&As, and start-ups. As an entrepreneur, Glen Wakeman believes in five key performance areas, which include execution, governance, risk management, leadership, and human capital.

Being a writer and a successful investor at the same time, Glen Wakeman offers inspirations on almost everything, including organizational strategies and fiscal economics. His experience with corporate management, international fiscal matters, administration, and emerging markets makes him a market strategist who offers insightful counsel to a group of executives such as Dreamfunded and Sitter Bees ( Most of his blog posts are about global affairs, leadership, emerging markets, and business transformation. His posts also provide advice on executive development, growth, global market, and business innovation.

As an entrepreneur, Glen Wakeman likes to match ideas with money. According to him, several potential ideas come from brilliant startups. However, he does not understand why failure rates are sometimes very high. Glen Wakeman believes that these failures are contributed by lack of good structures around these potential ideas. As a result, Mr. Glen decided to come up with a simple software platform that can prevent the failure of potential ideas, and that was when LaunchPad Holdings was founded. Glen Wakeman starts his typical day like any other businessperson. He normally begins his day by reviewing the business performance of the previous day, including service performance, cash totals, and sales. The next step is a conference meeting and division of duties among partners. The duties include design revisions, management, payment of bills, and sales meetings.

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