Talk Fusion: Redeveloping the Way We Communicate

Talk Fusion, a growing video marketing company, has received its second consecutive award for this year. The award, which was the 2016 Communications Solutions Product of the Year, was given to its Video Chat product. This award is being given to those companies who managed to develop exceptional products and/or services that have the capacity to facilitate data, voice and video communications, and was innovated and was brought to the market for the last twelve months. Technology Marketing Corporation hosted the awards night and was the one who decided to give the award to Talk Fusion. The company’s founder and CEO, Bob Reina, has expressed his gratitude for the award, stating that it has given him pleasure that their product was selected to become product of the year, and promised that they will be improving the technology they have developed, and they will never stop in introducing newer forms of communication that will make their company a true leader in the industry.

The product that Talk Fusion has developed is simply using the WebRTC technology, allowing those who use the Talk Fusion Video Chat to perform face to face communication with anyone, anywhere around the planet, on any device – be it a smartphone, a desktop, or a tablet. The app was developed and was released back in March 2016, and today, it is available to be downloaded from iTunes and the Google Playstore, and has received a massive number of downloads for the past months. This second award that Talk Fusion received only demonstrates their continuous momentum in the development of communication technology. Bob Reina, the founder and CEO of Talk Fusion, has stated that these development that they are currently working on is just the beginning of something greater, and has hinted that their IT team of experts have plans on how to innovate it for the future.

Talk Fusion has developed the world’s first all in one solution for video marketing, and it has helped a lot of businesses stand out from their competitors. It has helped them increase their sales and profits, and creating a huge number of loyal customers. The company’s products are offering dynamic ways on how to make the future of marketing memorable, engaging and persuasive through the help of the video platform.