IAP Worldwide Stays Busy

IAP means Ingenuity and Purpose. It is a smart and powerful worldwide organization of professionals. IAP Worldwide work to bring critical and technical support to customers. That task requires more than 2,000 experienced working professional men and women in more than 25 countries. IAP works in the public and private sector. They handle and engage crises like natural disasters to battlefields. These men and women are ready in a flash at any moment. They plan, coordinate and carry out logistical and technical challenges on iapws.com. IAP maintain, manage and operate military installations, civilian facilities and remote laboratories.

For more than 60 years of business, IAP delivers people, technology and program management. Day or night, they serve customers through inventive solutions. There is a reason why the company is able to go strong for so long. This reason is corporate responsibility. Customers and employees are respected by the company. Communities where the company works are also acknowledged with respect by the company. Solutions are a result of inclusive efforts.

Just as the structure of IAP Worldwide operates with standards and style, so do the people work within it. This standard and style is known as mission and values throughout the company. Four basic principles constitute the value of IAP. They are focus, agility, capability and commitment.

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Focus means they never quite. Agility, in the company, is the belief that there is no standard solution. Capability shines through superlative service with an efficiency unmatched in the industry. The commitment throughout IAP Worldwide is one and all.

The dirt, grime and bottom line of IAP is in the contracts with customers. These contracts are numerous and tailored to specific needs and situations. These contracts fall into many different categories. A couple of these are GSA and IDIQ. For example, an IT70 Schedule is a data center and storage contract. On the other hand, AFGHAN FOB MATOC is an IDIQ that generates and distributes power. This power is vital to the support of the U.S. Army Corpe.

There is much to do in the work for the team members of IAP daily. And it happens all the time as the world turns.

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