Shopping In Myeongdong With Kim Dao and Sunny

Kim Dao does a lot of traveling. Although most of her videos take place in Japan, beauty YouTuber Kim Dao also loves to vlog from various other destinations in Asia and Oceania. In one of Kim Dao’s more recent videos, she takes viewers on a tour of the famous Myeongdong shopping district in South Korea. This video, entitled “Shopping in Myeongdong | KimDao in Korea,” was posted on Kim Dao’s vlog channel.


After a short intro, Kim Dao walks down the streets of Myeongdong with her friend Sunny. They eventually decide to eat lunch at a cute hot pot restaurant.


Once they’ve finished eating, Kim Dao and Sunny walk around Myeongdong some more and explore a wide variety of stores. As they are walking around, Kim Dao says that Myeongdong reminds her of the Harajuku district of Tokyo.


The first store Kim Dao takes her viewers into is a Forever 21. They are surprised that everything is on sale, especially Christmas items. Sunny decides to buy an “ugly Christmas” sweater marked down to 7,000 ₩.


As they walk through Myeongdong, they see a bunch of street food vendors come out. But a few moments later the vlog abruptly cuts to Kim Dao back at her home. She admits this was kind of a “fail” vlog because she doesn’t have any more footage from Myeongdong. Kim Dao said she didn’t feel very well and decided to go home for a nap shortly after her vlog session. She believes the Korean air, which is more polluted than the air in Japan, is the main reason she feels sick. To close out the video on a positive note, Kim Dao shares all of the purchases she made at the Myeongdong shops.