Desiree Perez and Roc Nation’s Inner Circle

Roc nation is more than just a music company. The company was started in 2008 by Shawn Carter who was getting in the business world. At that time, he had already established himself as a successful rapper and knew the music industry well enough. Carter brought in Desiree Perez to the company to have a business which could become more than a recording label. Desiree Perez holds the post of the chief operating officer, having joined Roc Nation just a year after it was founded. Desiree has been part of a team that runs the operation of the company.

The team is known as the Hova circle. The group functions to ensure that the company’s interest and objectives are realized. Tidal is also a wing of the circle.Desiree Perez has assisted Jay Z to expand his operation for the past 22 years. The SC enterprise has also been under the care of Des. Desiree oversees the publishing and labeling undertaking at Roc Nation; she is the keystone of management in the company.One of her clear-cut skills is her negotiating skills. Perez was able to have Samsung endorse Rihanna’s Anti tour which amounted to a total of 25 million dollars.

Desiree was also a part of the negotiation that led to Beyoncé Formation stadium.Desire also lead the negotiations that saw Roc Nation win a 200 million dollars’ investment from Sprint. This was for Tidal which is a new music platform that belongs to Jay Z. Just after five months since the deal Perez came to play she was able to broker a deal which saw sprint offer free downloads to a million people for Jay-Z’s album 4:44. The deal was responsible for making the album go platinum even before the official release. To round it all off Desiree was able to get Puma to sponsor the 4:44 tour which generates 21% more profits.