A Behind the Scenes Look into the Windmill Theatre's Return to London — Ryan Bishti

The Windmill Theatre returns after a £25 million refurbishment. The theatre’s legendary history has been brought back to life with its new home in the heart of the West End. The building was initially built as an ice skating rink and was used for 12 years. Later, it was converted into a cinema. In an amazing coincidence, it was also where The Beatles first performed as the Silver Beetles in July 1957. The venue is now owned by Delfont Mackintosh, who has completely restored it to its former glory and given it a contemporary twist.

Entertainment Center

The Windmill Theatre is a lively and popular entertainment venue located in the heart of Soho, which combines the best of the old and the best of the new. Each year, it hosts thousands of theatre-goers by combining popular live music, cabaret, acrobatics, theatre, comedy, fashion, and burlesque. The lease was then taken over by the alternative nightlife group Cirque Le Soir, who turned the small Soho theatre into a club night. In January 2016, a new majority owner took over, Cirque Le Soir was bought out, and the Windmill is now once again owned by its original proprietors.

The Windmill Theatre Has a New Look

Before the beginning of construction, Ryan Bishti and Amrit Walia underwent a months-long hunt for a suitable venue. Bishti explained: “We searched all over the country, but it wasn’t possible to find the right venue. London is a costly place to live, and people want to live somewhere nice and make a living, which doesn’t always happen. That’s a big problem for the UK. We looked all over, so we decided to move to the Midlands, where most of our suppliers are based. We wanted somewhere cheap and easy to move into as we struggled to keep hold of our business. The Midlands is where we had a studio and our suppliers, so that seemed like the prominent place to go and more

What to Expect at the Windmill Theatre

To recreate the original energy and spirit of the Covent Garden Theatre, Ryan Bishti and Amrit Walia have invited the same great contributors to the initial stage to make sure the new theatre delivers the same anthemic experience. “It is an honor for this historic venue, and there is no time to be short of ideas on how to preserve its legacy. The building itself has been extremely well preserved, and it is just a matter of ensuring that all of the original details are used to the best effect in the new build. The program will offer something for everyone”, says Bishti.