A Look at Yves Mirabaud’s 2020 Financial Results And His Predictions For The Wealth Management Industry

In an interview with Fines, Yves Mirabaud discusses his 2020 financial results and his predictions for the wealth management industry. He is the Chairman of Mirabaud & Cie, a Swiss private bank that has been in operation since 1819.

He shared that the company’s net profit increased by 2% in 2020, and he expects the wealth management industry to grow by 5% this year. He also said that he expects more consolidation within the industry in the coming years. Vertical and horizontal integration will be the primary drivers of industry growth, according to Him.

Yves Mirabaud began the interview by discussing why his company’s 2020 financial results rose while other Swiss private banks saw significant declines in their earnings. Yves Mirabaud explained that the change was due to the bank’s ability to adapt to market demands and retain clients through cross-selling services.

For example, Mr. Mirabaud said that many of its clients were more interested in wealth preservation than wealth accumulation, so his company increased its holdings of alternative investments, including gold. According to Mr. Yves Mirabaud, this strategy has been successful, and clients have responded positively to the additional services offered.

Yves Mirabaud also said that 2020 was a good year for his company because he thinks it is an excellent time in the private banking industry. He said, “In 2020, markets all over the world were up, and it was a very positive environment for us. This is not going to last forever.” He went on to say that he expects increased volatility in 2021, which will affect his company’s financial performance next. He is quoted as saying, “I expect 2021 to be less good than 2020, but the industry will still grow.”

He expected his company to see its 2020 net profit increase by 2% again in 2021, but he anticipates the competing Swiss private banks to see their profits decrease again. Visit this page for more information.


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