Alddo Molinar, Anesthesia Medical Director.

At the Regional Hospital of East Ohio and the Medical Centre at Ohio Valley, Dr. Alddo Molinar is an anesthesiologist. Doctors rate him as one of the best in his sector because of the high level of care and trust that patients have in him. The future doctor Alddo Molinar´s interest in medicine was piqued when his family members feel unwell, leading him to begin shadowing medical professionals at an El Paso clinic. A graduate of the prestigious Cleveland Clinic, he completed his medical training after graduating from Dallas University of Texas Southwestern School of Medicine. 


In addition to anesthesia, the neurologist doctor has completed training in critical care medicine and intensive care units for neurological and cardiovascular diseases. The doctor’s love for science never waned even after completing a bachelor’s degree in biology and, yes, medical school at The University of Texas Southwestern in Dallas. Alddo Molinar was able to have a deeper understanding of anesthesiology and other subspecialties, including neurology and cardiology, thanks to his time at the medical institution. 


Alddo Molinar at Molinar Anesthesia Consultants LLC


The doctor refined his skills even further as Chief Fellow at the medical center where he had finished his residency. Having lost his grandfather and grandmother to cancer, Alddo Molinar has a strong desire to help others. The ultimate result was that he graduated from the University of Texas Southwestern at Dallas with a medical degree and finished his residency at the world-renowned Cleveland Clinic (F6s).

He met the woman who would become his wife when he was completing his residency. After a long courtship during which they worked hard to achieve residency, they have now given birth to two daughters and a son. “My new crew” is an appropriate name for the physician´s tightly knit group of cousins, a testament to the friendly atmosphere they’ve created together. The doctor Alddo Molinar observes that his life thus far has led him on an ever-expanding journey rather than an endpoint. He’s on a quest to better himself, and values he first learned about as a child always guide him.