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When it comes to self-publishing services, no company can compare to what author solutions offer its clients who get spread to all corners of the world. Author Solutions provide a self-publishing platform one of its kind in the publishing world, and they are pretty proud of being the first company to pioneer such an achievement. The company got founded back in 1997, and they have already enrolled close to a quarter a million authors in their self-publishing platform.

Similarly, the company has published approximately 300,000 head titles from the various authors whom they serve diligently. Author Solutions are currently the market leader when it comes to self-publish services. They have particularly assisted thousands of new starting authors in launching their careers of publishing their publications with much ease. In addition, their platform has brought some powerful impacts on the lives of the authors they serve.

Author solution does not only provide publishing services to their clients but also offer support to their clients. The platform organizes and makes available several resources that their clients need to make their publishing life simpler. They use the AuthorCentric process to assist authors in launching their own writing career. The publisher has a variety of partnerships with industry leaders, retailers, and distributors, including Simon & Schuster, Harper Collins Christian, Ingram, and Indigo Chapters.

The company has also maintained a network of industry-experienced publishers, and they share their contacts with upcoming authors to get mentorship services from these authors. Consequently, author solutions usually analyze the trends taking place in the publishing industry. They are generally proud to provide that information to the authors, so they tailor their writing based on these trends.

Apart from publishing their client’s work, author solutions have helped many of their authors launch their careers formally by assisting them in book TV appearances, having their books in bookstores, and assisting some get their work transformed into movies. All these get done with much dedication and a promise of holding their hands until they realize their full potential as authors. Visit this page for additional information.


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