How did Mark Hauser, the Private Equity Investor, Records Landmark Sales? 

On October 29, 2019, EyeCare Partners announced closing a deal to acquire Cincinnati, OH-based Cincinnati Eye Institute (CEI) Vision Partners. This reputable clinical optometry and ophthalmology integrated business firm offers ophthalmology network practices. They have established over 2800 ophthalmologists’ groups, nearly 1200 support care teams across 18 states, and more than 700 optometrists supported by […]

Fortress Investment Group Employing Diverse Investment Strategies

Today, Fortress Investment Group LLC is a leader in the investment management sector. The company was established in 1998 and currently has affiliate offices in strategic locations worldwide. However, their main office still oversees the global operation from New York. Fortress currently has more than 1800 institutional customers and private clients. The investment group held […]

Dr. Chris Brummer, Founding Member of Fintech Week (DC)

Dr Chris Brummer is an experienced professor, leader, and organizer of financial technology and financial policy thinking. To identify the systemic inequality that plagues the financial industry, he motivates different groups of people to stand out in this field. Professor Chris Brummer is a modern Renaissance man dedicated to the broad field of financial technology, […]