Marwan Kheireddine Recap

Marwan Kheireddine Recap: Meet the Ultimate Fashion Influencer ‍No one doesn’t know Marwan Kheireddine. The Lebanese model has become the ultimate fashion influencer, from his adorable Instagram photos to his best-dressed appearances. Marwan has become a household name after breaking into the industry just five years ago by continuously posting stylish photos of his style […]

How Simon Denyer Warn the Attention in His World Journalism and Reporting

Simon Denyer has experience of covering hard news on the global stage, while also juggling breaking international events with the more headline-grabbing stories that arise in every host country. For his reporting on the situation in Syria, Denyer was the recipient of the prestigious Nieman Journalism Award and has won many other international prizes for […]

Georgette Mulheir: How Dictatorial Regime is Affecting the Lives of Everyday Haitians

Dictatorial governments seem to have been toppled from leadership in the late 1980 and 90s. This was when very many countries were able to deal with this problem and continue with their industrial operations without such governments. In fact, a significant share of developing countries has already been able to deal with such problems, and […]

Fortress Investment Group Announces Deal with Colony Capital

New York based Fortress Investment Group has recently announced a deal with Colony Capital that will see Fortress’ affiliate firms become Manager and General Partners to Colony’s CDFC funds, non-digital real estate positions and co-investment vehicles. The assets being brought under combined management are valued at close to $2.7 billion. The agreement between these two […]

Hawkers Growth and Development Depends on Alejandro Betancourt’s Creativity, Investment, and Quality

In 2013, four university allies in Spain, Pablo Sanchez, David Moreno, and Alex launched Hawkers. The objective was to boost the accessibility and affordability of designer sunglasses. Three years later, was worth $60 million, and therefore, considered to be among the biggest sunglass establishment globally. Even with this success, the company has not had an […]