ClassDojo Plus Brings More In Home Involvement

ClassDojo Plus is a service that provides parents with the opportunity to expand their ways of supporting and connecting with their children at home. It also allows for parents to have the ability to see how their children are doing academically in school.

The features for ClassDojo Plus include points, rewards, memories, and the Monster Creator. Parents can utilize the points feature to give points to their children for the positive things that they do in the home like reading, listening, or exercising. Once accumulating enough points, they will have the freedom to redeem them for rewards like a high five, or candy. This allows for their progress to be celebrated. The Monster Creator encourages creativity for children by allowing them to customize Monster avatars. Using the memories feature allows for parents to take all of the things that their child created to organize in a digital scrapbook in an easy access folder that they can look back on throughout the school year.

ClassDojo will always be free for teachers, families, and students. ClassDojo Plus is an optional additional tool for parents to use to expand at home if they choose to subscribe to it. The cost of a ClassDojo Plus subscription will vary depending on the option that is selected. Families will be able to find the prices in the app where they can select the plan that they would like to have. Families can test these features on Android and IOS with a 7 day trial and afterwards they can select a monthly or yearly plan.

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