Barry Lall, CEO of among the best hotels in the hotel industry called Pinnacle Hotels USA, has headquarters in San Diego. He developed his passion for entrepreneurship at a young age while helping his dad sell men’s clothes in his shop. Barry later moved to Scotland, where he studied medicine with the mindset of graduating with a degree. After his graduation, he became a successful doctor practicing family medicine at Kaiser Hospital in California. He worked in the hospital for a while before deciding to venture into a career as a business owner.

 Dr.Barry Lall and his two friends started purchasing distressed properties across the Western United States, most under foreclosure, to build hotel firms. Despite none of them having knowledge and skills in management and development, they decided to venture into the hotel business. Hence the building of hotels in the properties which Barry and his business partners acquired. The business partners and Barry were determined to achieve their goals and provide the best customer service. Barry and his partners have been successful in their business venture since Pinnacle Hotels has grown into a firm with many employees and increasing yearly revenue.

Dr Barry Lall changed from his responsibilities as a family physician to the CEO of among the most outstanding hotels in the hospitality industry that owns property worth over $250 million in California and Texas. He revealed that changing his career has always motivated him to challenge himself to ensure he grows daily. Since he has worked in different fields from the beginning of his occupations, such as medicine, real estate, and hospitality, he greatly benefited Pinnacle Hotels as he is skilled in handling the pressure associated with different enterprises.

Besides Barry overseeing the running of Pinnacle Hotels, he also controls operations in the Lall Family Endowed Scholarship with his wife’s help. Which awarded a scholarship to disadvantaged students of San Diego University was hence funding their education.

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