Dr. Chris Brummer, Founding Member of Fintech Week (DC)

Dr Chris Brummer is an experienced professor, leader, and organizer of financial technology and financial policy thinking. To identify the systemic inequality that plagues the financial industry, he motivates different groups of people to stand out in this field. Professor Chris Brummer is a modern Renaissance man dedicated to the broad field of financial technology, giving lectures, hosting podcasts, conducting groundbreaking research, and even developed DC’s Fintech Week.

This is specifically aimed at the education and development of the industry. Brummer’s all-rounder career spans different forums and allows thinkers to shape the FinTech industry. Professor Chris Brummer got his Juris Doctor degree from the prestigious Columbia Law School. In addition, he also studied at the University of Chicago, where he received a Ph.D. in Germanic Language and Literature. After entering the university, Dr. Brummer began his career as a lawyer. He joined the profession working for various companies, including Moore LLP, Cravath, Swaine and worked in corporate offices in London and New York.

Professor Chris Brummer then entered academia at Vanderbilt Law School to operate as an assistant professor. During the moment, he also shared his thoughts on serving as a visiting professor at some leading higher education institutions, such as the London School of Economics. In 2009, Brummer became a law professor at the prestigious Georgetown University Institute (International Economic Law). He still holds this position and remains one of the Georgetown community’s outstanding leaders.

Professor Chris Brummer has likewise operated jointly with think tanks such as the Atlantic Council and the Milken Institute. At the former, he initiated the “Trans-Atlantic Funding Initiative,” which started a constructive discussion on international tax rules. Professor Chris Brummer has written various books and contributed to some leading financial reports and publications.

His works explored developing financial technology, international strategies, and multiple views associated with currency regulation. Recently, Dr. Brummer published a widely publicized study entitled “What do the data of financial regulators say?” The article is the first set of empirical evidence reflecting this situation. Dr. Brummer also spends a lot of time helping government officials and around the world.