Fortress Investment Making History, Once Again

The Fortress Investment Group has ruled the real estate industry for a while now. The company was established in 1988 as a purely private firm based in New York but has since evolved to be owned publicly. The globally recognized sensation has private investors and institutional clients worldwide who benefit from their quality services.

Fortress Investment Group boasts nearly $ 50 billion real estate assets from undervalued, illiquid, and distressed house units and is notable in providing individualistic financial solutions. This New York-based firm operates remotely with an advanced line of global credit business investments inclusive of private equity-structured funds, debts, and hybrid hedge.

The firm has other branches spread out in Italy, Singapore, Hong Kong, Philadelphia, New York, and Los Angeles. The high status held by the firm has not come devoid of rainy days. The company went public in 2007, just months before it came tumbling down with heavy losses.

However, the 2008 economic recession did not see the company go down alone, as many other privately-owned firms were looking for alternative ways to survive. The flailing Brazilian market did not make things any easier for the firm, forcing it to shut its flagship hedge fund soon. The company rose amidst the chaos to open another real estate fund that bagged a whopping $1billion.

Fortress has since picked itself up to even partner with Colony Capital. This deal will give three affiliates of Fortress Group the honor of becoming the Manager and General Partner of Colony’s assets that include the firm’s investment vehicles, funds, and other non-digital real estate positions. Altogether, these assets consecutively amount to $2.7 billion. The transaction will have Fortress acquire Colony’s posts in over 100 of its American and European properties. This went down as a win-win transaction for both companies as Fortress Investment Group will leverage its existing experience to manage the assets and information given to them.

The CEO of Colony, Marc Ganzi, expressed his confidence in working with the firm stating reliability, accountability, and assured excellence. Fortress Investment Group thrives under the leadership of Wharton & Garrison LLP as its legal counsel and Moelis & Company as its financial advisor.