Georgette Mulheir: How Dictatorial Regime is Affecting the Lives of Everyday Haitians

Dictatorial governments seem to have been toppled from leadership in the late 1980 and 90s. This was when very many countries were able to deal with this problem and continue with their industrial operations without such governments. In fact, a significant share of developing countries has already been able to deal with such problems, and they have some democratic authorities that are already leading their nations. However, global leader Georgette Mulheir points out, there are some countries that have not moved away from dictatorial leadership. Haiti is one of these nations, and this is something that the country has been trying to address for very many years. 


However, the current efforts have not been very useful in changing the current situation, which means that the country will continue to suffer in the years to come if there is no tangible solution addressing the current problem. Having a dictatorial regime like in Haiti in the current times is very dangerous. There are very many problems that people in such nations will be facing. For example, in Haiti, the issue of human rights sounds likes a foreign. According to Georgette Mulheir, millions of Haitians living in this country have been living under the mercy of a regime that can kill, injure, destroy, and steal without answering to the legal bodies that are also singing to the tunes of the leaders. Also, the normal standards of living have been significantly affected. 

It is essential to indicate that such governments do not have the responsibility of enhancing the wellbeing of the country. As such, they have been leading in castigating violence in the country against the bodies that have been trying to bring any alternative leadership. That is why it has been very hard for such countries to adjust and continue living their standard lives as expected. Dictatorial regimes have sometimes worked to the benefit of the population and the wellbeing of the country. There is no doubt that the leadership in China is currently questionable, Georgette Mulheir keeps on. However, there is nothing wrong that is happening to its population as millions of people have been benefiting. However, in Haiti, Georgette Mulheir indicates that the dictatorial regime is punishing its citizens.