Haroldo Jacobovicz: came from a background of civil engineers

Haroldo Jacobovicz came from a background of civil engineers, which inspired him to study civil engineering in college. While in college, he created his first microsystem for a new world of possibilities for Haroldo Jacobovicz as his company became very successful.

The decade of the 80s for Haroldo was a time of great excitement. He was starting to see different opportunities for his software company. During this time, he began working on his microprocessor, which integrated into a whole new system. Telecom systems were now becoming a reality. Haroldo was now seeing a future of wireless technology.

He announced that he would work on a project involving third-generation telecommunications. He would combine his microprocessor with other elements to make a complete system. This system allowed for phoneline calls to be made wirelessly throughout Brazil. It also allows high-speed data transmissions. No wires were needed when the system had fully integrated into any network. This system was a great success and is today marketed worldwide by Haroldo Jacobovicz. The system is still used in many applications worldwide as it has proven reliable for over a decade and more

Haroldo Jacobovicz has worked hard to show the world what his company can offer. He is constantly looking for new technologies and ways to make them more applicable. He will continue to work hard to provide the world with what he perceives as a better future.

Haroldo Jacobovicz has worked to create better products for everyone in the world. He is a man who has always been able to look toward the future and see ways that technology can help people.