Haroldo Jacobovicz Journey of Supporting 20 Institutions in Curitiba before the End of the Year

Haroldo Jacobovicz is an investor, civil engineer, and successful entrepreneur. He was born in August 1961 in Curitiba City, Brazil. He has worked in the technology industry for more than thirty years and he is well known in Curitiba because of returning most of his business success to society. Last year, Haroldo donated more than 250 thousand reais to nursing homes, daycare centers, and animal protection institutions. He also participated in the campaigns that focused on prevention and provision of treatment of childhood and people suffering from cancer and assisting disabled people. On his 60th birthday, Jacobovicz created a company called Haroldo Jacobovicz Institute (IHJ) which deals in philanthropic activities.

Coming from a family which promotes philanthropic activities, Haroldo learned that one should contribute to the collective well-being for them to achieve success. He believes that the passion of philanthropy is leaving a legacy and passing down philanthropic activities to the next generation, something he is hoping that his grandchildren will adopt. He is currently providing donations to support many organizations in Curitiba and its surrounding regions including Associacao Amigo Animal, Hospital Erasto Gaetner, and many others. They have a goal of reaching twenty beneficiary institutions by the end of this year.

Haroldo Jacobovicz is the current member of the Board of Directors of Horizon Business, a telecommunication company he founded in 2010. He is also the Chief Executive Officer of the e-Governe Group, a company dealing with software management, and it is composed of Sisteplan, Minauro, and Consult. His companies have a culture of valuing people’s achievements and promoting autonomy to bring a difference in society by developing and respecting the diversity of everyone. Jacobovicz has also provided a humble and friendly working environment to his employees, as total attention is observed in the provision of physical facilities and also facilitating transportation so that employees can commute safely without any risk of being exposed to the Covid virus.