Hauser Private Equity’s Investment Funding Under Mark Hauser

The journey in investment funding for Mark Hauser and his company Hauser Private Equity began in 2010. Since then, the company has held three successful investment funds, with the latest attaining the magic number $150 million, making it the largest ever for both the company and Greater Cincinnati. The company had sought investment funding previously, raising $44 million and the second time raising $100 million. The constant growth seen from the amount of funds raised with each investment funding exercise undertaken by Hauser Private Equity is due to the success achieved from previous funds. For this reason, the company is lucky to have most of its investors return and commit to raising funds again. So far, 90% of previous investors have returned to making more investments in the company.

Raising money can be challenging, but with the help of high-net-worth individuals looking for investment opportunities coupled with the track record of the company, Mark Hauser is proud to say that the challenging exercise has always worked out in their favor. One of the industry achievements that the company gets to enjoy is the high demand for its products. As a result, the company keeps experiencing a growth in the number of investors joining the firm. One investment strategy that works for the company is its choices on what to invest in. Controlled buyout funds and individual companies have proven to be wise investment choices. So far, the company has under its name 17 individual companies and 35 funds.

With the $150 million investment fund, the money is bound to go towards a similar number of the mentioned investments. The existing investments will receive a certain amount of money aimed towards boosting returns. The latest fund means that the company now has a better position in the industry to increase its investments. Hauser Private Equity is renowned for grabbing any investment opportunity from any place. However, the company has also given the locals a chance by investing in four companies. To learn more visit: here.