Hawkers Growth and Development Depends on Alejandro Betancourt’s Creativity, Investment, and Quality

In 2013, four university allies in Spain, Pablo Sanchez, David Moreno, and Alex launched Hawkers. The objective was to boost the accessibility and affordability of designer sunglasses. Three years later, was worth $60 million, and therefore, considered to be among the biggest sunglass establishment globally.

Even with this success, the company has not had an all-rosy period because it set off with an initial investment capital of $300, and a few years later, it experienced financial hardships. At some point, the venture was about to close down, but foreign investors came in and rescued the situation.

O’Hara Administration’s leader Alejandro Betancourt took over and leveraged Hawkers and ensured that affairs still happened. Alejandro Betancourt was later appointed as the President of the company. He kicked off immediately to spearhead the venture and offer resources that would quickly scale up operations.

The initiators were aware that establishing a sunglass venture meant they had to counter serious competition with giants like Gucci, Ray-Ban, and Prada. The sunglasses go for massive price tags out there as compared to compromised production costs. Hawkers was unique because it provided the same quality for a more comprised price tag when Alejandro Betancourt was president to know more click here

The company’s sunglasses are manufactured in a similar way as those Luxottica’s high-quality brands, and so can be matched as the largest eyewear products. Alex Moreno collaborated with Caleb Garrett who was based in Los Angeles, to establish this famous eyewear brand. The venture’s success is attributable to their, clarity, simple product, and transparency with the clients since Alejandro Betancourt took over.

They were sponsored by Mercedes-Benz, Usher, LA Lakers, and PlayStation, thereby the company did not have to incur a lot on the past marketing criteria. Indeed, the firm was famous for focusing on a single product and overseeing the highest output and quality. Currently, they concentrated on product development creativity with eco-friendly designs, new colorings, and new lenses.