How did Mark Hauser, the Private Equity Investor, Records Landmark Sales? 

On October 29, 2019, EyeCare Partners announced closing a deal to acquire Cincinnati, OH-based Cincinnati Eye Institute (CEI) Vision Partners. This reputable clinical optometry and ophthalmology integrated business firm offers ophthalmology network practices. They have established over 2800 ophthalmologists’ groups, nearly 1200 support care teams across 18 states, and more than 700 optometrists supported by around 5000 experienced and talented clinical experts.

According to Mark Hauser, the Hauser Private Equity manager, EyeCare Partners firm has offered many clients investments. The CEI management team and Revelstoke have been the top-ranking acquisition firms since the EyeCare Partners boosted Cincinnati’s marketing power and investment. The Hauser Private Equity closed a deal with a Denver-based private equity firm as its leading strategic and co-investor partner. Both Cincinnati Eye Institute and Revelstoke established the CEI Vision Partners (CVP). They designed it to take the Cincinnati Eye Institute’s rise to the next level. As a result, they partner with other reputable ophthalmology companies across the competitive market.

CEI Vision Partners has grown immensely to more than 150 doctors because of utilizing many acquisitions and incredible organic growth plans like the Dayton Eye Associates. Today, the EyeCare Partners company is managed by a Swiss private equity business firm. As a Partners Groups Holding, it plans to serve more than 3 million patients yearly.

About Hauser Private Equity

Hauser Private Equity is a reputable co-investor and private equity fund manager offering various investments to numerous markets through collaborating with the unique situations’ funds and controlling buyout funds. It also focuses on leveraging other expertise businesses to enhance returns and identify targets. Besides it was established by Paul Swanson and Mark Hauser. Its main headquarters is around Cincinnati, with different working branches in Chicago, IL, and Los Angeles, CA. Mark Hauser has recently confessed that EyeCare Partners is the top-rated clinically integrated eye care worldwide.

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