How Greg Blatt Ended in Law Profession and His Achievements

Greg Blatt is a lawyer by profession from Columbia Campus. He also has an undergraduate degree in English and Economics that he earned from Colgate University. After doing his first degree, Blatt found no motivation in any career, resulting in an educational break. He knew settling for a career for the sake of studying would be a grave mistake, hence giving himself an allowance to connect with his inner self by exploring the beautiful nature. This took him to over five countries, and since he didn’t have enough money to fund the trips, he dropped his ego and took any job available, provided it was legal.

Since that which has a start will automatically come to an end, Greg’s journey finally came to an end but with fruits. As he was close to nature, he remembered how he always admired lawyers’ ability and creativity of producing an argument from logic and reason, hence the inception of his law profession. After getting the tools to venture into the field from Columbia University, he accepted a job offer from a New York-based law firm: Watchtell, Lipton, Rosen, & Katz. At this firm, Blatt transitioned from junior to higher ranks faster only through the first task he worked on, thanks to his excitement and dedication to spearheading immeasurable growth in any organization.

Though his love for practicing law remained intact, it changed from one line of operation to the next. When the urge to switch from corporate law to entertainment law persisted, he left Watchtell, Lipton, Rosen, & Katz for Martha Stewart, where he started as a General Counsel. Greg loved growth, and after realizing Martha Stewart limited his career growth, he joined IAC under the same position he held previously. Within a short period, he started occupying Chairman and CEO roles of both IAC and its largest branches. Greg Blatt has no regrets for the fourteen years he worked at IAC since the relationship was mutual: Both Parties witnessed unlimited growth.

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