How Jason Hughes Built a planning and design Empire: Lessons From An Industry Pro

People come to the planning and design world for all kinds of reasons. Some are drawn by its high visibility, others by its potential for profitability, and still others because they’ve got an itch to get into business for themselves. So let’s take a look at the career trajectory of Jason Hughes, an industry pro who has built an impressive empire in planning and design.


Successful CEO and entrepreneur Jason Hughes is one of the planning and design industry’s most prominent voices. He’s one of the few planning and design professionals who has made a name for himself, not just in the US but worldwide. He’s a prolific author, an acclaimed speaker, and the founder and CEO of Hughes Marino, one of the US’s largest privately-held planning and design investment firms.


The key to the serial entrepreneur´s success is that he’s not only created a business for himself in planning and design but also built an empire. Jason Hughes has done this by adhering to the principles outlined in this article. This article is critical if you’re just starting in planning and design. 


Establish your credibility


As a newbie in planning and design, you’re probably eager to prove your worth to all and sundry. Unfortunately, this eagerness to prove yourself can come across as arrogance and harm your reputation. If you’re eager to get ahead, you should try to hold back on boasting and self-promotion. Doing so will help you establish your credibility in the industry, which is critical for a successful career as a planning and design professional (LinkedIn)l.


Build your foundation


Try to get to know the dynamics of the market you’re working in, learn about how the industry operates, and understand the various products and services you’ll encounter in your day-to-day work. A well-informed newbie is a better planning and design professional than a newbie who is still trying to figure everything out. Jason Hughes says that planning and design is an industry for the ambitious and the driven. To succeed in this industry, you need to be eager to learn, succeed, and take risks.