How Richard Liu Became Successful Despite Coming From A Humble Background

Richard Liu’s popularity grew after the success of his company, He has been at the helm of the reputable firm since he started it a while back. However, some people who know Richard today do not know that his success did not come overnight. Unlike some of the most successful business owners today, Liu came from a humble background. His parents depended on farming to support the family.

Liu’s parents worked on their small piece of land the whole day. During this time, they left Liu Qiangdong under the care of his grandmother. That allowed him to learn a few life lessons, including how to be innovative. One of Liu’s most significant lessons learned from his grandmother is how to separate oil from the cooking pan. His grandmother used the strategy to get the oil on the pan after cooking meat. See this page for more information.

As Richard grew up, he noticed the challenges the people in his community went through. Therefore, he desired to have a successful career, which could earn him good money, which he could use to assist the less fortunate. The desire to succeed made him work hard in his studies. Liu Qiangdong also used any innovation he saw as motivation to enable him to work harder.

For example, when he saw electricity working for the first time, he got interested to know the other innovations that he had not seen before. However, Liu Qiangdong believed he could only see these innovations when he visited the big cities. Therefore, he decided to work hard in school to get an opportunity to study in the most developed cities globally. As a result, Richard performed exceptionally in his studies and got a chance to join a reputable university in a big city. Here, he got an opportunity to learn some basic computer skills while still taking a sociology course.

After graduation, Richard ventured into the business industry, but his first attempt was not successful. Therefore, he decided to seek employment to get the experience he needed. Finally, after some time, Liu had enough expertise to start and operate a business. Therefore, he began, which propelled him to success.


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