IM Academy

Chris always knew that he would do well in life but did not ever see himself running a whole online academy by himself. So how was he able to go so far in his life in such a short period of time? Well, it all began back in the suburbs of green bay where he was born & raised. He knew he wanted to go in to the field of education but was not sure what he wanted to do in that area of study. As he got to the end of his HS career, he found that his grades were good enough for him to get a full ride to BGSU. Needless to say, it was an offer he could not refuse so he enrolled there in the fall of 77 & tried to keep his GPA right where he wanted it. He was soon able to succeed in this endeavor & this is how he was able to be a part of phi beta kappa. From there, he knew he had to make a life for himself. So, he went to the career fair to see what he could do with his life & this is when he made contacts that would last him the rest of his life. As he walked across the stage & earned his degree, his folks were clapping in the audience. From there, he went on to work for the post office for a long time. He liked it at first but knew that it was not really what he wanted to do with the rest of his life. So, he left in the spring of 2016 & opted to start his own business that came to be known as IM academy. It has now been going strong for more than a decade

The IM Academy sells online educational resources focused on equipping learners with sufficient skills in forex trading. They are delivered digitally via live content leveraged by a set of pre-recorded as well as app-based resources.

Each academy’s content is offered by accessing the unlimited online sessions with the company trainer referred to as IM Educators, a service called goLive. Every session has 13 languages on several days and at different times to bring onboard students in unique time zones.See this page for more information.


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