James Gutierrez Offers Lasting Solutions To Solving The Wealth Gap Problems In The US

Many countries across the globe are still feeling the impact of the coronavirus pandemic. It is evident that the pandemic has pushed the world economy into a terrible position. The United States is among the regions that have been heavily affected by the pandemic. As many countries in different parts of the globe continue to develop ways to reopen their economy, the United States is finding ways to close the existing wealth gap.

James Gutierrez was born and raised in the United States. He is a professional financial advisor who has dedicated his career to helping the country’s economy develop means of closing the wealth gap. To determine incredible ways that can make his dream come true, James Gutierrez has decided to analyze the economic condition of the United States. According to the analysis, 29% of the wealth in the country is owned by 1% of the American netizens.

This has made the gap wider, especially during the pandemic period. The tax systems put in place to govern the economic performance in the country are also problematic. The system is also biased since the top wealthiest people in the country pay lower tax rates than usual. James Gutierrez emphasizes the need for the respective body to revise the tax systems and ensure that everything is working accordingly. By strengthening the task system in the country, it will help to minimize the growth of the gap and give room for closing it.

On the flip side, the private sector has a significant impact on closing the wealth gap in the country. Gutierrez firmly believes that the people living standard lives transform the condition in the country compared to those classified as the wealthiest. According to James Gutierrez, closing the gap only requires companies and organizations to elevate the living standards of the low-income families to the middle level. This will have a drastic result on the size of the gap.

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