Jason Hope Speaks About The Importance of Social Media Networks

The rise of social media has been quite impressive in the last few years. People have been using this method to do a lot of things including letting others know what is going on in their lives. The same is true of many business owners. Business owners should continue to take full advantage of this process and use it to their own ends. That is something that Jason Hope wants business owners to understand. He sees this as particularly important for any business owner in the modern world right now. 


While it may be tempting to think that such networks are no longer important, this is something that Jason Hope believes is not at all true right now. In fact, he is very much of the belief that business owners should be able to continue this process. That will help them reap a great many benefits in their lives and work (Crunchbase). 


Activist Investor Jason Hope

Direct Sales 


Direct sales are the real life blood of any contemporary business. Such sales help power their bottom line and make sure they can find the profits they want. In his view, it is possible to make such sales via social media. According to Jason Hope, that’s in part due to the fact that so many places have been able to find a large follower base. Viewers get to see how many people are following a given company. 

When a company has a lot of people that follow it, for many people this is an authentic indication that the company really is doing something very right indeed. That creates an aura of trust in the public mind. According to Jason Hope, it also illustrates that the company can deliver what people want when they want it. They’re more inclined to trust that company as well as to order items from them directly.