Jason Hughes San Diego at the New York City Chamber of Commerce

Jason Hughes has been the company’s Chairman, CEO, and Owner since its foundation in 1995. He was previously a member of the Board of Directors and Senior Vice President of Sales. He has also served as an investor in numerous business start-ups and as a strategic advisor to many leading companies.


  1. Jason Hughes´Experience


During his career, Mr. Hughes has held executive positions in various commercial endeavors, including senior management in the retail construction management industry, senior management positions at an educational institution, and senior leadership positions in the financial services industry.


  1. Philanthropy


Since 1999, Jason Hughes has been actively involved in several charitable endeavors, including working with the Campaign for Education in Emergencies program to support the delivery and education of medical supplies to hospitals in Haiti. He has also served on the Board of Directors of several organizations serving the children and families of New York City.


  1. Awards


In 1991, he received the Pathfinder Award for Business Excellence from the New York City Chamber of Commerce. In 1993, Entrepreneur Magazine honored Jason Hughes as one of America’s Top 100 Small Business Owners. He also received a nomination from Ernst & Young in 1997 for an outstanding entrepreneur to mentor young and emerging entrepreneurs.


  1. Investments


The CEO and entrepreneur is a partner in several successful businesses, including SC Restaurant Management, Inc., a restaurant management company. Jason Hughes was also an owner of the Atlantic Coast Line Railroad and the New South Railroad.

CEO and entrepreneur Jason Hughes is an excellent example of hard work, dedication, and determination. His knowledge of other aspects of the business and various industries such as the lease accounting and culture consulting business is an excellent asset to the company. He is also great with people and sees his role as helping them reach their goals and aspirations in life by making them feel welcome.