Jonas Lauren Norr has had a Successful Entrepreneurial Career

The Crest Resources Signing Ceremony took place on March 2, 2018. Crest compared the execution of The Generative Development Project and new investment in its company. Jonas Lauren Norr has been appointed to the Board of Directors for Crest Resources. Jonas Lauren Norr is an award-winning entrepreneur, business strategist, and author with experience in strategy development and corporate finance. His expertise and knowledge will be vital to the advancement of the Crest family.

Mr. Jonas Lauren Norr is a Swedish-born entrepreneur who has created multiple startups in Sweden, Canada, and the United States. Mr. Norr holds a Master’s Degree in Economics and Business Administration from Lund University and has worked at several publicly traded companies such as ERICSSON, AMORA BANK, and SCANIA BANK.

Jonas is also an accomplished author of four books on entrepreneurship, marketing, leadership, business insights, and management. These books have been translated into multiple languages, including English. Jonas is also a highly sought-after public speaker and is the Chairman of the board of advisors at The RISE Stockholm Business Incubator.

Mr. Jonas Lauren Norr has a proven track record of collaborating with successful entrepreneurs, government officials, corporate partners, and companies to create income-producing value for investors. Mr. Norr’s expertise, combined with his knowledge of leadership, financials, and structuring, will be instrumental in Crest’s accomplishment of its goals.

The Generative Development Project (GDP) began in April 2017. The GDP is a business incubator designed to assist Crest Resources in developing its mission, expanding its reach, and enhancing its breadth as it moves forward. Crest Resources is building a thriving business base that will be key in growing the GDP and executing the goals of this project. Crest Resources has acquired significant property, resources, and assets that will be instrumental in completing The Generative Development Project.

Crest Resources will be implementing several projects that will continue to enhance the company’s leadership and reach shortly. The Crest Resources Signing Ceremony took place in front of an audience of over 100 guests, representatives from the government, local businesses, and investors. Crest performed an overview of these projects and highlighted their advancement since their initial announcement. The ceremony was held at Esterhazy House in Stockholm’s fashionable Vasastan district.

He is a man of many talents, having acted as the Chairman of the board for The RISE Stockholm Business Incubator and a Senior Advisor for leadership, strategic planning, and business management at The RISE Stockholm Business Incubator. Mr. Norr has been an entrepreneur in multiple industries since 2009, when he began his entrepreneurial career. Jonas Lauren Norr worked at AMORA bank, overseeing international business development activities and managing inbound business transactions, sales and exports, and online marketing transactions.

Jonas Lauren Norr has had a successful entrepreneurial career and has built a company that is now a globally listed company. He is a skilled entrepreneur and business strategist who will be valuable to Crest’s management team as it grows. Jonas Lauren Norr has been appointed to the Board of Directors for Crest Resources and will play an instrumental role in moving the company forward in its mission.