Loretta Kryshak Rebel Reform Philanthropic work

Loretta Kryshak is currently the executive director of Rebel Reform, where her whole family has dedicated business and philanthropy. Loretta Kryshak holds two degrees, Finance, and management information systems, all from the University of Wisconsin. Executive Director Loretta Kryshak also earned CNE and CNA in networking, where she utilizes her certifications and degrees in Business Systems Consultant and Software Engineer. In addition, she advanced her study by studying photography and received an associate degree in graphic design.

Through her experience with her husband, Michael started their first company in 1999, where they worked together in uplifting their business. 

Loretta is an avid traveler where she and the family have traveled to seven continents, and she believes in spending on memories instead of material items. Her love for photography always captures many images in all her travels.

They started Rebel Converting with her husband in 2010 with their aim for doing business and philanthropy. After the struck of the covid-19 pandemic in 2020 through their foundation Rebel Converting, they founded MaskUPMKE to produce over 3.5 million face masks for health workers and locals in Wisconsin.

Rebel Reform was formed in August 2020 to pursue charitable work, and Loretta became the executive director. Rebel Reform aimed to maximize the philanthropic activities emanating from Rebel Converting. She does outstanding research on ensuring she offers the best to the communities they serve. She analyses all the Rebel Reform intending to allocate the resources through human resources, the influx of capital, goods, and services.