Marwan Kheireddine Struggle Towards the Growth of the Economy

The current Chairman and CEO of AM Bank, Marwan Kheireddine, is also known for serving the Lebanese Government as the minister of state for three years. During the three years, he played key roles in enhancing the state’s economy by focusing on how to amend fiscal and financial matters. His banking experience of years really came in handy when it came to amending the state’s policies to protect the banking sector of Lebanon.

Marwan Kheireddine used his banking expertise to maneuver around the international laws and norms and created Banque du Liban Circular 331. He helped in the drafting of financial policies that were both approved by the Lebanese Government and international laws. Some of the policies he worked on included the Capital Markets Law, Anti-Money Laundering Law, and Cross-Border Cash Limitation Law.

Marwan Kheireddine is a strong believer in supporting the economy’s growth by giving a helping hand to upcoming private sector businesses such as the franchise of Virgin Megastores, American University of Beirut, YPO-London Business School Joint Executive Education Program’ and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. He has also had an opportunity to share his financial expertise on boards of grate financial institutions like the Board of the ‘Beirut Stock Exchange and the board of the ‘Association of Banks of Lebanon.

After years of serving the Government of Lebanon, strategizing ways to improve the economy, Marwan Kheireddine is still a proud financial advisor working in institutions like AM Bank Marwan. Middle East Advisory Board, Lebanese Center for Policy Studies, and Lebanon Chapter of Endeavor, an NGO whose aim is to support entrepreneurship in Lebanon.

Today Marwan Kheireddine is 54 years old and still going strong. He runs AM Bank, co-founded in 1980 by Salim, Marwan’s father. AM Bank is currently among the top trusted banks, with over 400 employees in 17 branches.

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