PosiGen Offers Solar Solutions to Low-Income Homeowners

Thousands of people think about upgrading their homes with solar energy panels every day. However, the majority of those homeowners quickly run into a roadblock that makes them put their plans on hold. That roadblock is costly.  It’s a situation that is especially true for low-income and moderate-income households. This group of homeowners knows they could easily cut $50 to $100 a month from their monthly power bill, but the frustration of needing a chunk of money upfront for a solar panel system is an insurmountable problem (Vcnewsdaily).


Now there is a company that has a solution. It’s PosiGen, a Louisiana-based alternative energy company that has developed a plan that requires no upfront investment for “going solar.” It has had a huge success. The solar power company has made solar capability reachable with its innovative solar leasing program. The customer at PosiGen does not purchase solar-generating equipment. They lease it and then use the savings on their energy bill toward paying the lease agreement. The bottom line is that they are ahead every month.


The PosiGen solar leasing program has proven to be remarkably successful. To date, PosiGen solar power company has installed more than 14,000 systems across several states. Most of them serve low-income homes and buildings in the less prosperous neighborhoods of major cities. PosiGen officials cite “diversity” as the company’s “strongest value.” More than 65% of this firm’s employees are people of color. From the beginning, PosiGen has focused its efforts on bringing clean, green and affordable energy to high-need communities. The money saved on energy can then be circulated “right back into the local economy.”