Gordonstoun school was invented in 1934 by a guy known as Dr. Kurt Hahn who had to flee into the UK.

Prince Phillip joined the school when it was just getting started making him the tenth pupil to get admission.

This was when he began working towards achieving his goals, with Dr. Hahn being on his side as his mentor.

Gordonstoun school had sought permission to release Prince Philip’s school report as a way of celebrating his accomplishments when he turned 100.

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However, Prince Philip died before this event, and his reports were released anyway.

Most people would never appreciate their school reports being exposed to the public.

However, for the prince, the reports were impressive and evident of the excellent work he had put in at school.

When Prince Philip was about to great engaged to princess Elizabeth, the headmaster of Gordonstoun had been asked to make a record on Prince Philip for the duration he was at Gordonstoun.

The reports mentioned that Philip had the essential fighting spirit and would never settle for less.

He tackled most tasks with unique simplicity.

Prince Philip was not just good academically but rather whole rounded.

While in school, he served as captain for two teams that is hockey and cricket. In his final year, he became the head of the students’ bodies.

In his entire life, Philip has kept the tradition of paying a visit to the school.

The last time he was at Gordonstoun is when it was celebrating its anniversary for the 80th time.

In this ceremony, Prince Philip amazed many, most so the students, on his admirable level of humility.

He was one of the guests, but when it was time for taking lunch, he queued with the students to eat with them.

Something that most leaders can rarely do.

Gordonstoun is an excellent school with a broad curriculum. It also accommodates students from all around the globe

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