Reeve Benaron on Predictive Analytics

Reeve Benaron is a successful entrepreneur and early investor in the emerging ad tech space, completing multiple acquisitions across the digital ecosystem. In 2011, he founded Adlucent and managed the company’s growth to over 300 employees globally. Healthcare expert Benaron is a successful entrepreneur and early investor in the emerging ad tech space. 


He is a long-term entrepreneur with a successful track record of founding companies in several emerging high-tech areas, including ad tech and big data


Reeve Benaron´s Achievements

He is currently leading an investment fund focused on building an advanced technology offering for predictive analytics that help brands and agencies make significant business decisions based on real-time campaign insights. With more than 15 years of experience building and scaling businesses, Reeve Benaron brings a unique blend of digital marketing and advanced data analytics expertise to help new ventures realize their true potential.


Reeve Benaron is one of the founding partners at NextGen Venture Capital, an $800 million venture capital fund focused on digital data analytics. He led Adlucent’s acquisition by Xaxis in 2014, the agency technology group of WPP. 

Reeve was responsible for all aspects of Adlucent’s operation, including the company’s growth and eventual sale to Xaxis. He managed a global team of more than 300 people. He guided the company through a series of rapid growth stages.

He had success in transforming it from a startup to scale into the world’s most prominent advertising technology provider. Reeve Benaron has also built and led multiple successful companies in several other high-tech ventures, including the ad tech space. He has a strong track record of building and selling technology companies. He led the company’s acquisition by WPP in 2007, followed by an initial public offering in 2011. Reeve Benaron´s experience in several other additional industries includes leading RealNetworks from IPO to its acquisition by Microsoft.